HeaRT In Christ

Hope, Renewal & Transformation

1 on 1 Life Coaching & Spiritual Care

with Dr. Ioana Popa

  I coach high level

professional Christian Women

to stay joyfully centered in Christ, no matter the season 

'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:38-39 NKJV 


As a high level Professional Christian...


  • Are you a woman of action, a 'mover and a shaker'? 
  • Going through a turbulent season, an external 'hurricane' of some sort (could be a positive or negative transition) which is shifting your life as you previously knew it?
  • Experiencing a sense of loss of direction, meaning, grief or on the verge of burnout and wanted to shift toward joy in Christ?
  • Hearing a deeper call to lean more and more in Christ and living a life of significance in God?
  • Wanting to find and sustain that 'peace that surpasses all understanding, so that you can thrive in your life? 
  • Deep down desiring to be in the world not only as 'Martha' but as 'Mary' as well?
  • Tried to find guidance to only to discover either secular psychological help OR spiritual support, but not COMBINED nor INTEGRATED guidance? 


...then it is very likely that this program for you!

What is HeaRT in Christ Program?

This is an in-depth 6-month 1:1 Life Coaching and Spiritual Care program helping you as a high level Professional Christian Woman to move from loss of meaning, burnout or grief toward wholeness and the 'peace that surpasses all understanding', so that you can serve and lead others with purpose and joy.

The actionable steps provided by Dr. Ioana in the HeaRT program have helped me unlock doors inside my inner being. I am feeling more free, more confident, have more energy for others, and I've been knowledgably more kind to myself in mind, body, soul, and heart. I am becoming empowered from the inside out, developing skills in self-awareness that help sooth my brokenness, and I'm learning more about the beauty of my faith. The inner transformation has helped me cross bridges that have stood as obstacles for decades and the work I am doing is improving my relationships with my family and close friends. This program is priceless! Glory to God!

- K.L 

Hi, I am Dr. Ioana and as your sister in Christ, I am so honored that you are reading this! HeaRT in Christ  1:1 Life Coaching & Spiritual Care Program is truly a labor of love in God and for God

Like Mary pouring out myrrh from her Alabaster Jar to our Christ's feet, I poured out many years of my life in trainings, practices, experiences both on a professional and personal level, tons of love, tears, growth, grief, loss, calm, 'failures,' awareness, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, along with hard work, compassion and care for others toward the Kingdom of Heaven. 
And if you are still reading this, most likely YOU TOO are pouring your Alabaster Jar at Christ's feet in your unique and very special way.
And people see you as successful and resourceful and come to you for help. But inside you are aching and longing for something more - and you are not alone. 
As Christian women, there comes a time in our lives when we hear a deep calling from Christ to live an authentic life of purpose in Christ, honoring all our gifts and making a unique contribution and impact in the world.
We try to do that, but often we reach a 'ceiling' in our Vocational and Spiritual Growth due to past conditioned cultural beliefs, unresolved burnout or past losses, betrayals or grief. 
We then might even get dissatisfied with whom we've become, and start doubting ourselves and our faith, which only adds to the problem. 
And if this is you, I want to honor you and your life, as it is precious, 'more precious than the rubies', and that our God, who is so powerful that can raise the dead - is supporting you abundantly.
If this resonates, keep reading, as I created this program exactly with this in mind. I know this because I was you about a decade ago!
Dr. Ioana’s framework encourages true objectivity and creativity that lights the way for the individual’s call to purpose with passion. 
And, the cherry-on-top, is Dr. Ioana’s genuine joy in her journey with you as a sacred soul companion. I will be grateful to her forever.


- Mary-Loise

      HeaRT In Christ

1:1 Program for high-level professional Christian Women 

High level professional Christian women come so that I can help them  through a period of shifting life circumstances toward  living an authentic life in Christ, using all their God given gifts and multiply them to impact the world. 

I created this unique comprehensive program  and I bring all my decades of professional and personal experiences to support, guide and empower you through this season in life, with Christ at the center. 

  • UNIQUE 'HeaRT' FRAMEWORK - I  condensed all my experience into my 3 part process:
    • 1. HOPE - moving through and saying goodbye to past losses
    • 2. RENEWAL - integrate body, mind, heart and soul and regenerate daily, toward union with GOD 
    • 3. TRANSFORMATION - breakthrough past conditionings and aligning with your Effortless Will toward higher purpose
  • GOALS - right from the beginning we clarify your vision and goals
  • SESSIONS - through our 1:1 life coaching & spiritual care sessions you receive highly personalized guidance and coaching toward your goals
  • LEARNING - you have access instantly to a sophisticated and comprehensive asynchronous online curriculum which you will use throughout the program and beyond (lifetime access)!
  • ASSIGNMENTS - each session we decide on personalized assignments to support and empower you to take small steps every day toward your goals
  • CONNECTION - personalized care and interactions in between sessions 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - built-in accountability through a special life-coaching online program
  • ACTIONS - like 'Martha'. I will guide you and empower you to take specific action-oriented steps toward your goals
  • CONTEMPLATION - like 'Mary'. You will have access to Contemplative Practices to support you to access the 'peace that surpasses all understanding'
  • PRAYER - everything is centered in living a prayerful life Christ, integrating life and work, and living the sacredness God in every moment.


The HeaRT In Christ Program is creating a life-giving container to empower you to live closer and closer to God. 

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Dr. Ioana’s nuggets of psychological, scientific and ancient Christian information are very helpful to me. Her ability to express clearly scientific/clinical knowledge while integrating psychology and ancient Christian spirituality is helping me to see myself more clearly!
Dr. Ioana has given me hope, and helped me to feel better about myself...that change is possible for me!
-Anna, Qld, Australia

About Ioana Popa, MD, BCC, MTS

bridging a unique blend of psychology, science, education and spiritual care

  • National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC)
  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach
  • Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner
  • Certified Elite Coach
  • Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist
  • Trained In Intimacy From Inside Out Couples Work (basic and advanced level)
  • Trained In Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units - Clinical Pastoral Care)
  • Master in Theological Studies with a focus on Spiritual Direction
  • Originally trained as a physician psychiatrist

Integrating 3 decades of professional expertise in helping her clients and students change relationships, habits, pattern of thoughts, emotions, states of being and beliefs in order to overcome past conditionings and thrive in Christ, Dr. Ioana is keenly aware of the challenges Professional Christian Women & Caregivers have in becoming the best version of themselves as they move through various seasons in life.

This is especially problematic in our modern era, where there is an explosion of perspectives, many times at odds with each other AND with the Christian faith.

Trained as a physician-psychiatrist, therapist, educator, nationally board certified life coach, spiritual care provider and theologian, Dr. Ioana brings a unique, holistic and integrated perspective of science, psychology, spiritual care and Christian Faith.

This allows her to coach and guide her students and clients to take empowering steps to regenerate, overcome past losses and conditionings and to thrive, all for the glory of God, so that they can keep on giving in Christ with joy, energy and the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’ and fulfill their ministry and vocation. 

On a personal note, Dr. Ioana loves to spend time with her husband and their 4 children, family and friends, and to read, garden, pray, exercise and practice contemplation. 

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