1 ON 1 Life Coaching & Spiritual Care Program

Transform and Step into your Highest Potential
Certified in Internal Family Systems & Psychosynthesis

Is This Program For You?


If you are a Leader, Entrepreneur, Healer, Educator, and/or a Caregiver and you identify with any of the following GOALS

then this program might be for you!


1.  Renew and regenerate so you can keep giving.

2.  Complete and grow to fulfill your highest potential and vocation.

3.  Get to know your inner psychological world toward integration and purpose alignment.

4. Overcome inner blocks such as perfectionism, inner criticism and self-criticism, unhelpful self-sacrifice etc.

5.  Deepen your relationships and intimacy.

6.  Learning the steps to find your future spouse. 

7.  Unlock your creativity and play.

8.  Grow as a professional in your skills in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Psychosynthesis or other psychological methodologies.

I first met Dr. Ioana at a conference she was presenting at for Orthodox Caregivers. I found her workshop resonated deeply with the challenges I was facing in my ministry. As I internalized what I had learned, I began sharing it with others and found it helpful to them.

As I’ve gotten to know Dr. Ioana over the years, I’ve sensed a deep spiritual vitality, and unconditional positive regard and a therapeutic acumen that I knew would be helpful. So I asked her to coach me. It was one of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve made. Eighteen months later, I can confidently say Dr. Ioana has a gift for consistently meeting and accepting me where I am and guiding me to places of profound insight and transformational healing.

- Geoff

Purpose, Meaning & Presence (PMP) Program

A Six Months wrap-around intensive Life Coaching & Spiritual Care 1:1 program where you have access to:

    • 12 Online Sessions of 50 min Life Coaching and Spiritual Care, 2 sessions per month for 6 months
    • 2 additional Sessions of 90 minutes - one for orientation and goal setting, and a second one to consolidate the work in the middle or toward the end of the program
    • Life access to The Renewal In Action™ - my signature program More info HERE
    • Phone Check-ins for 10-15 min in the weeks we are not meeting, as needed
    • Separate Audio Recordings of any personalized in-session exercises and/or contemplative practices, if needed
    • Personalized Homework/Intention for each session as needed
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I highly recommend Ioana. The thing I loved the most about her is that I felt heard and cared for.

She obviously takes the time to go over her notes ahead of time, so she knows me and what we have been working on when our session starts. That is HUGE!

She is kind and gentle. She takes the time to explain and never makes you feel bad for not getting it right away. I truly enjoyed my experience with her, and I will definitely work with her again.

- Charlie, SD

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Are you a Christian interested in growing in Christ toward union with God?


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About Ioana Popa, MD, BCC

bringing a unique blend of psychology, science, education and spiritual care.

  • National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC)
  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach
  • Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner
  • Certified Elite Coach
  • Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist
  • Trained In Intimacy From Inside Out Couples Work (basic and advanced level)
  • Trained In Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units - Clinical Pastoral Care)
  • Master in Theological Studies with a focus on Spiritual Direction
  • Originally trained as a physician psychiatrist

Dr. Ioana was originally trained as a physician and she is the co-founder of the Team For The Soul™, which supports conscious and compassionate leaders, healers, educators, entrepreneurs and caregivers on their life journey to achieve their highest potential while doing what they love toward the betterment of humanity.

Dr. Ioana is not only a life coach, but also an educator, workshop presenter, speaker and program developer. In 2021 she launched her signature online program: The Renewal In Action™. This program is a unique transformative and practical program designed to help you from the inside-out to prevent burnout, connect with core values, integrate mind, body, heart and soul and create a foundational daily renewal blueprint to be used for years to come.

On a personal level, she loves to spend time with family, read, do gardening, and practice contemplation. Together with her husband Sebastien Falardeau, an interfaith chaplain and life coach, they share the vision of helping people along their journey.

MORE About Dr.Ioana

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