Ioana Popa, MD, BCC, MTS

Certified  IFS Practitioner &
Psychosynthesis Life Coach, 
Certified Elite Coach, 
Board Certified Life Coach (BCC), 
Spiritual Care Provider

About Dr. Ioana 

My life’s passion, curiosity and the search for meaning and truth has manifested through learning and growing constantly. I started out as a physician and psychiatrist. At one point, I discovered a calling for teaching and took a big step by changing my career. Teaching and coaching have been, and are my main gifts to share with others, as I love distilling years of learning and making it accessible to everyone.

After 2 burnouts, I discovered and trained in Internal Family Systems and Psychosynthesis. Those two modalities of experiencing the world opened me to a much richer and deeper way of accessing not only my inner healing, but also in effectively providing life coaching and spiritual care to others. 

Recently, I completed my Master in Theological Studies degree at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, where I have both taught and provided psychological care through the Office of Spiritual Formation and Counseling for 10 years.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, read, do gardening, and practice contemplation. Together with my husband Sebastien Falardeau, an interfaith chaplain and life coach, we share the vision of helping people along their journey.

Dr. Ioana on Psychology Today

I first met Dr. Ioana at a conference she was presenting for Orthodox Caregivers. I found her workshop resonated deeply with the challenges I was facing in my ministry. As I internalized what I had learned, I began sharing it with others and found it helpful to them. 

As I’ve gotten to know Dr. Ioana over the years, I’ve sensed a deep spiritual vitality, and unconditional positive regard and a therapeutic acumen that I knew would be helpful. So I asked her to coach me. It was one of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve made. Eighteen months later, I can confidently say Dr. Ioana has a gift for consistently meeting and accepting me where I am and guiding me to places of profound insight and transformational healing.

— Geoff Whiteman, MA, ThM, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ioana is truly a 'magician'. I have worked with many practitioners and she is, by far, the best. The self-energy and presence she brings to session reminds me of stepping up to the rim of the grand canyon. With her gentle urgings, she has helped me navigate the darkest places in my psyche in order to retrieve all of those Parts of myself I had exiled in an attempt to protect myself from their pain.

Working with Ioana has truly changed not only the direction of my life, but it's entire quality, including my professional goals and most intimate relationships. I will be forever grateful.

— Kathryn, IFS Practitioner, Cornish NH, USA


What I do at Team For The Soul®


At Team For The Soul®, I provide either online or in-person life coaching, spiritual care as well as consultation to professionals.   

I also develop online courses and programs, present at workshops and conferences.

Growing In Christ: Team For Our Soul (TFOS) Online Membership Program

The Online Christian Membership Program to support living and growing in Christ while serving others with joy  ...

'HeaRT In Christ' Program

A 6 months wrap-around intensive Life Coaching & Spiritual Care 1:1 program for high level Professional Christian Women ...

The Renewal In Action™ - (TRIA) Online Program

An interdisciplinary 6 month in-depth wholistic online self-care program ...


Dr. Ioana's course (The Renewal In Action™) is a healing framework for internal perspective. I have clarified then re-ordered my motivations to create a positive internal culture. I had no idea how much internal re-modeling I actually needed. Now, I’ve been enabled to operate freely with my source of grounding to order my time better and prioritize the important work of self-determination for rhythm and balance of life.


The integrity of this model lovingly provides clarity of heart: I am gaining freedom from my negative attitudes which has strengthened my resolve to view myself and others with much more understanding and compassion. Dr. Ioana’s framework encourages true objectivity and creativity that lights the way for the individual’s call to purpose with passion. And, the cherry-on-top, is Dr. Ioana’s genuine joy in her journey with you as a sacred soul companion. I will be grateful to her forever.

— ML. Scacciaferro, BS Psychology, with Professional Counseling Emphasis; Spiritual Formation Groups Facilitator

How I work

  • If we work together, I align with you to develop a safe and trustworthy connection.

  • We work toward meeting your goals and facilitating change.  

  • I use my skills, decades of experience, presence, compassion, curiosity, clarity and contemplative practices to support you along your way, no matter what season in life you are in.

  • Together, we identify and develop strategies to overcome internal roadblocks to your goals while moving towards ways to access and expand your inner resources.

Ioana is an excellent IFS facilitator. She has a very safe and warm prescence. She is very skilled at helping you get to the core issue and healing unresolved issues. I made progress in several areas including moving my business forward, improving my relationship with my husband and deepening my spirituality. 

After doing work with Ioana, many triggers no longer have a charge.

I feel like our work got so deep that my exiles were healed and the issues are no longer a problem for me.


—K. Grimm

Dr. Ioana’s program and nuggets of psychological, scientific and ancient Christian information are very helpful to me. Her ability to express clearly scientific/clinical knowledge while integrating psychology and ancient Christian spirituality is helping me to see myself more clearly! Dr. Ioana has given me hope, and helped me to feel better about myself...that change is possible for me!
Also, the sessions we did together as a group have really helped me - as she says, there is something powerful that happens between people ‘healing’ in a group environment. At the time (in the group) I felt good, and now, a few days after, the feelings of lightness in my soul are pretty special.
Thank you Dr. Ioana, very much, for who you are and what you do!
—Anna, Qld, Australia

Dr. Ioana’s Professional Background

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