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Seeds Of Renewal Workshop


This workshop mini-course helps you as a busy health, spiritual care provider, leader, educator, entrepreneur, parent, and/or caregiver to jumpstart your daily self-care and regeneration routine at the body, mind, heart and soul/true self level, so that you can move toward balance, peace and calm and do what you love for the betterment of humanity!


Are you a Giver who’s more than ready to jumpstart your self-care on a daily basis?

However, right now you might be feeling exhausted by your growing to-do list, while your weekend or vacation might seem a bit too far away?

If this resonates, then you’re not alone, as I experienced the same AND I help my students with these issues all the time!


Who is a Giver?

A giver is anyone with a compassionate heart that loves to help others as a …


What if there is a way to Renew and Regenerate on a daily basis, no matter how full your schedule is?


In the Seeds Of Renewal Workshop, which takes less than 1.5 hours to complete, you can:


After you jumpstart your own unique daily renewal routine on-the-go, you can:


Here’s all that you get inside this workshop:

  • The Daily Renewal On-The-Go Pillars
    We will unpack the 3 pillars of renewal on-the-go so you have the right regeneration and self-care foundation to create your renewal routine.


  • 3 Short Contemplative Exercises
    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these short contemplative exercises provide some guidance to ground your regeneration at the Body, Mind, Heart, True Self/Soul level.


  • Downloadable/Printable Handout With Exercises
    The printable handout helps you design a routine fitting for you. You can use the handout to (re)discover what works, so that you can stay focused toward your renewal goals.

What People Are Saying:

The breadth and depth of Ioana’s knowledge and life experience has enabled her to create something very unique and relevant to the situation many caregivers are facing today.


Ioana brings her experience gained in many hours of professional education and experience. Her warm voice and the capacity of connecting to everyone is very reassuring and comforting.

Dr. Corina

"I burned out twice in my lifetime, and neither time did the burnout come with bells and whistles. As I was determined to make an impact into the world, I gave it all – many times neglecting my own needs. Now, through daily self-care and regeneration, I have a deepened compassionate awareness, I feel connected to my higher self, while giving to others. And most of all, I feel rejuvenated moment by moment through small steps and mini-vacations that I take everyday! And that’s what I hope for you – you too can do the same, by taking small and intentional steps every day, with the right foundations. With decades of experience as an educator, physician, life coach and spiritual care provider, I can come alongside your journey toward peace, presence, purpose, a sense of empowerment and connection with your higher self & the divine. I hope to see you inside of Seeds of Renewal Workshop! With appreciation for what you do in the world, Dr. Ioana

Dr. Ioana at Team For The Soul®