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Environmental Design For Sustainable Rituals

Many Christians wonder how to build and sustain habits (including our 'renewal routines') especially during various busy seasons of giving to others. It is very common to try to solve this issue by trying to strive, which unfortunately depletes our reserves of energies. 

Good news? In succeeding in our goals and intentions there is another effortless way! We can design our environment in ways to support our habits. In a certain sense, this has to do with the process of sanctifying our environment.


In this "Environmental Design For Sustainable Rituals" course, you will:

  • take small steps in designing your environment (workspace, living space, car, room, etc)
  • in such a way that it can fully support you in building and sustaining your wholesome desired rituals 

 Here’s all that you get inside this course:

Ready to design your environment in a way that supports your behaviors and rituals?

See you inside the course.

Note From Dr. Ioana

Hi, I am Dr. Ioana Popa from Team For The Soul®, the creator of the ‘Environmental Design for Sustainable Rituals’ online course. With decades of experience as an educator, physician, life coach and spiritual care provider, I walk and guide my students and clients toward peace, presence, purpose, a sense of empowerment and connection with their higher self & the divine. After decades of helping others to change habits, I am sharing and revealing the small steps you can take in designing and sanctifying your environment to support your journey in Christ! See you inside the course!

Dr. Ioana