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Effortless Will In Action Online Course

What are some possible blocks in accessing your WILL right now?

“Too many things to juggle at once.”
“It’s hard to deliberate and make decisions.”
“Lots of things to do but can’t seem to motivate myself.”
“Not enough time to even make decisions and prioritize.”

…And the list might go on.

BUT what if there’s a way to access your Will and balance your Time, move toward making decisions and reaching your goals?

I have been asked many times how can we access our own WILL without having to always strive and push through life. Is that even possible?

YES! Even when it seems difficult to make decisions, to deliberate with the time you have, or to execute ideas – you can move from intention to action.

In the ‘Effortless Will In Action’ online course, you take the necessary steps from VISION to DECISION and then to SUSTAINABLE ACTION for the next 12 months.


This 4 Module online course is a powerful mixture of learning and experiential exercises, helping you access and practice both your logic and your wisdom/intuition.

Note From Dr. Ioana

Hi, I am Dr. Ioana Popa from Team For The Soul®, the creator of the ‘Effortless Will In Action’ online course. With decades of experience as an educator, physician, life coach and spiritual care provider, I walk and guide my students and clients toward peace, presence, purpose, a sense of empowerment and connection with their higher self & the divine. After decades of helping others to change habits, I am sharing and revealing the steps to accessing the power of your effortless will! See you inside the course!

Dr. Ioana