Thriving In Christ

Renewal Week & Open House 

For Christian Women Professionals and Servant Leaders

with Dr. Ioana Popa

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You are invited to join the  Renewal Week & Open House happening inside the newly formed Thriving in Christ Private Community, to learn about:

  • The steps to effectively¬†regenerate body, mind, heart and soul
  • How to sustain your¬†prayerful daily rhythm¬†and continue to¬†grow psychologically and spiritually through The Renewal In Action‚ĄĘ program
  • So that you can continue to¬†serve others in Christ with joy, energy, patience and peace of mind
  • No matter¬†how busy you are and without the fear of burning out.

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"You really are building a blueprint to support your unique life’s journey. You have buy-in to the renewal rituals you have created for yourself. The contemplative practices interspersed throughout the modules support the process. This is so unlike any other course I have ever taken."

- Robin

Here are the details 

Renewal Week & Open House

When: From Monday to Friday: January 29 - February 2, from 3-4pm ET - mark your calendar.

Where: We meet on Zoom inside the newly formed private Thriving In Christ Community (this is NOT a facebook group). As part of this private community, you will be the first to know about the early bird discounts!

What: Each day during the Renewal Week we will address a different Renewal topic, go over questions and program offerings - from asynchronous learning, to group coaching options (only 2 spots available) and 1:1, with early bird discounts. 

If you are reading this, most likely you've experienced many fluctuating seasons in your life as a Christian Woman and a follower of Christ. The Renewal In Action program  is  designed to support and address the specific challenges on this journey! 

And why does this program exist? As I spent decades of professional and personal growth and recovered from 2 burnouts, I realized that we are lacking programs that can guide Professional Christians step-by-step on how to regenerate & grow psychologically and spiritually for the glory of God, so that we can KEEP ON GIVING TO OTHERS IN CHRIST and fulfill our ministry (and without having to live in the desert or monasteries)! 

If you are interested in using the¬†intersection of the¬†best of science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian Faith¬†‚Äď in order to move toward¬†union with God, every day and every moment, then join the RENEWAL WEEK & OPEN HOUSE.¬†

Ultimately, it is God who is regenerating us and moves through us to help and give to others!  

But we can also co-create with God and help the process by building a daily Regeneration Blueprint and by integrating Body, Mind (thoughts), Heart (emotions) and Soul, so that we can continue to CONNECT with GOD DAILY, serve others in Christ with joy, energy, patience and peace of mind, no matter how busy we are and without the fear of burning out.

I hope to see you inside of the Renewal Week & Open House so that we can co-create together with God toward your life vision and ministry!


Now, I’m seeing myself apply Ioana’s teachings, feel being in the presence of the Holy Spirit, find serendipitous moments through connecting and being open to different things. A friend even said to me that I look ‘calm and peaceful’ after one of our mentoring sessions with Ioana and fellow The Renewal In Action students!

- Natalie

The thoughtfully prepared, self-paced modules coupled with Ioana’s ongoing, expert guidance, and support from an evolving group of like-minded givers have helped me to focus on self-care and renewal at the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul Levels... leading to growth and a deeper connection to God and my true purpose in life.

- Andrea

At Team For The Soul¬ģ, we help Christian professionals and caregivers to regenerate daily, prevent burnout, move from grief to hope and transform toward higher potential in Christ, through our online interdisciplinary programs, workshops, trainings, groups, 1 on 1 life coaching & spiritual care and our membership programs.