Growing in Christ Journey Program

A Program for the Passionate (and busy)

Christian Givers & Servant Leaders 

with Dr. Ioana Popa

YES - I am interested to Grow in Christ!

Growing in Christ Journey (GCJ) Program

Regeneration, Growth & Soul Care.  Strengthen resilience and grow in Christ with science, psychology and our Christian Faith from the comfort of your home!

This program supports your holistic regeneration (body, mind, heart and soul) and psychological and spiritual growth toward being with God every moment, so that you can 'live in the world but not of the world' and continue to serve others in Christ with joy, energy, patience and peace of mind, no matter how busy and without the fear of burning out!

  • Are you passionate about Christ, but find yourself tired or exhausted at the end of most working days?

  • Do you love to lead, teach, heal, or serve others in many capacities (work, family, church) but feel¬†bombarded by¬†the¬†flow of human need and suffering, which seems unending?

  • Do you love to pray, but¬†often your mind is too busy or worried about the people you¬†serve, so you are not as effective in¬†praying¬†and¬†experiencing union with God as you wish?

  • Do you go through cycles of finding peace, followed by days where¬†you have to go non-stop, therefore,¬†your regeneration & self-care flow is often interrupted?

  • Although there is nothing more that you love than being with God every moment, do you find yourself feeling disconnected at times from Him?
  • Since it is difficult¬†to keep a joyful daily prayerful rhythm due to your circumstances, do you start doubting yourself, and feel that 'maybe my faith in God is not strong enough'?

  • Do you feel at times so depleted and exhausted,¬†to only dream of your next vacation or retreat? And then, after vacation, are you 'greeted' back at work by hundreds¬†of emails/messages, pulling you back into stress mode?

  • ¬†Although you love your work, do you get nagging 'Sunday Evening Blues'?

  • Do¬†people around you not understand why you want to give in Christ so much, or just¬†take¬†advantage of your big heart?

  • Do you look peaceful, happy and resourceful to others, but inside you feel running on empty and unhappy with your spiritual progress?

  • Are you looking for support and resources, but find EITHER¬†Spiritual Resources OR Psychological Secular ones, but¬†not BOTH?

This and more are part of what I call the Dilemmas of the Passionate (but tired and busy) Christian!

This is a God sent. I've never seen anything like it. I wish all Christians would know about this (program). It offers pillars to support all our dimensions: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, as humans and caretakers, so we can renew ourselves, and then return, forged and restored, to caring for others.

- Program Participant

Here are the 6 COMMON DILEMMAS

that Prevent many Christians from Regenerating Effectively

AND Serving Others with Ongoing Joy, Energy, Patience & Peace Of Mind


‚ÄúI need to just ask God to help me and pray, but when I pray, it is difficult to focus. My mind is busy,¬†so I cannot even connect with God ‚ÄĚ

Of course we want to rely on God and prayer at all times, and we know that God is hearing and listening to all our prayers. But we also need to cooperate and do our share. Otherwise, if that would be 100% true ‚Äď then there would be no Christians stressed, burned out, sad, or lonely.

Prayer is very helpful in preventing burnout but we also need to have a 'Renewal Blueprint' to take the necessary steps to regenerate body, mind, heart and soul so that we can allow more of God into our lives.

Inside of the Growing in Christ Journey (GCJ) Program, you have many exercises that will guide you through an effective regeneration process and psychological and spiritual growth, so that you can effectively prepare yourself and connect with God in prayer, every day and every moment. 


‚ÄúI easily get distracted by my thoughts and emotions while I am praying, and at times I feel that maybe my faith in God is not as strong.‚ÄĚ

You are not alone! Getting distracted is natural ‚Äď and there are ways we can use psychological methodologies so that we can understand our core needs and ‚Äúbefriend‚ÄĚ and ‚Äútame‚ÄĚ our emotions, thoughts and body sensations.¬†¬†

In this program, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about your core needs at the heart (emotions) level, mind (thoughts) level and your body level, so that you can take care of your needs ‚Äď without feeling that you have to indulge yourself.¬†¬†

As Christ said ‚ÄėYou shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.‚Äô This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‚ÄėYou shall love your neighbor as yourself‚Äô (Matthew 22:37-39).¬†

This way you can practice how to love yourself in a healthy way ‚Äď that allows you to then love your neighbor even more!¬†


‚ÄúI have to say YES to all requests and needs of others presented to me during the day, otherwise I am selfish.‚ÄĚ

It is amazing to help others, but the reality is that we are finite human beings with limited time and resources, therefore we cannot really help all beings in this world. At the same time, if others do not discover their own resourcefulness, it can lead to co-dependency. A better alternative is inter-dependency.

The reality is that by saying YES to something ‚ÄĒ we always say NO to something else. For example ‚Äď we might help more people at work, but then we have to cut short our time with our family at the end of the day.

Discerning when to say 'Yes' or 'No' is like a muscle ‚Äď it needs practice. In the Growing in Christ Journey (GCJ) program, you will have a chance to continue to¬†grow, lean into God and discern your priorities in Christ, so that you‚Äôll know with more and more clarity when to say YES and when to say NO.¬†


‚ÄúI am so busy and cannot regenerate today, so I will wait for my weekend, vacation or a retreat to a monastery.‚ÄĚ

It is natural to feel this way, but we don’t need to wait until the weekend, vacation or to visit monasteries. There is nothing wrong with taking time off - going to a nice vacation or retreat to a monastery, but when we only do that to regenerate, we send a message inside of us that regeneration happens ONLY in certain situations and we lose precious time in between.   

God is available to us and is lovingly waiting for us every second! You can access regeneration every moment of your life, because true regeneration happens in the intimate relationship between God and you, in your inner core. 

In the GCJ Program, you will practice how to lean into your core awareness and inner silence, so that you can regenerate every moment as you go about your day. You will also have the chance to discover unexpected moments of regeneration. 


‚ÄúI have to finish all my work first before I can relax and renew.‚ÄĚ

Yes, once our work is completed, it is nice to relax and renew. Simultaneously, if we are busy leading, supporting and caring for others, that time to regenerate might not come fast enough or at all. 

There is a way to regenerate and feel refreshed while you do your work or go about your day. By the way, monks and nuns connect with God all the time, and they do not take vacations and during the weekend they are even more busy

As mentioned, it is God who is truly the one regenerating us ‚Äď and we regenerate in the NOW, which is the only moment we have.¬† In our Christian faith we believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is NOW, not tomorrow, as 'tomorrow' never comes¬†(it is only experienced as a 'now' moment).

Psychology describes this process of feeling renewed while in action as ‚ÄėFLOW,‚Äô and you too have access to it with practice.¬†In the GCJ Program, you will practice being in Flow and connecting with the sacred throughout the day!


‚ÄúI am so busy caring for others ‚Äď I cannot even take time to do a program for myself, although I know I need it!‚ÄĚ

I totally understand that! I've had seasons in my life that just the thought of taking a program was making me tired. In the same time, without taking the necessary steps, it is easy to BURNOUT. 

It is with this in mind that I created this GCJ Program,  which allows you to work through the lessons in a gentle way, with ample time for implementation and practice, as you go about your day, without disruptions!

And because I bring decades of experience from education, psychology, science, life coaching, spiritual care, contemplative practice and faith practices ‚Äď I distilled all this for you! And thus you can experience Regeneration not like another 'Project,' but as a way of life.¬†

This way you do not need to spend hours and hours in order to build your 'Renewal Blueprint.' It is all condensed and distilled at your fingertips!

Now, I’m seeing myself apply Ioana’s teachings, feel being in the presence of the Holy Spirit, find serendipitous moments through connecting and being open to different things.

- Natalie

If you are reading this, most likely you've experienced many fluctuating seasons in your life as a high-level Professional Christian Giver and Servant Leader and this Growing in Christ Journey (GCJ) Program is uniquely designed to support and address the specific challenges on this journey! 

As a professional, I've experienced 2 burnouts and realized that we are lacking programs that can guide us step-by-step, on a very practical level, while integrating science, psychology, spiritual care and our Christian Faith.

Therefore, inspired by God and amazing professionals who love to give but  unfortunately burned out as well, I've embarked on an intense professional training journey to create such a program, so that YOU can KEEP ON GIVING TO OTHERS IN CHRIST and fulfill our ministry, without you having to lose precious time nor energy from your work!

If you are interested in using the¬†intersection of the¬†best of science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian Faith¬†‚Äď in order to move toward¬†union with God, every day and every moment,¬†in the¬†cradle of your¬†Church Community¬†and Ministry,¬†then GCJ Program is for you!¬†

Ultimately it is GOD who is regenerating us. And the ONE who moves through us to help others.

In the same time, we can CO-CREATE with God by:

  • Developing our 'RENEWAL BLUEPRINT' so that we can Regenerate Daily, no matter the season
  • Continuing to¬†GROW Psychologically and Spiritually to make more room for God in our lives
  • Daily Nurturing our Soul and Preparing Daily our Earthly Vessel, Body, Mind, and Heart for a full day of giving
  • Bringing forth the 'Fruits of the Spirit'
  • Transforming¬†ourselves from the 'Image of God' into the 'Likeness of God'
  • Being able to 'Live in the World but NOT of the world'¬†
  • Continuing to serve others in Christ with Joy, Energy, Patience and that 'Peace¬†that surpasses all understanding'
  • Staying¬†connected with God, 'on the Vine,' every day and every moment.¬†

“Acquire the Spirit of Peace and a thousand souls around you will be saved.”

St. Seraphim of Sarov  

This program is a healing framework for internal perspective. I have clarified and then re-ordered my motivations to create a positive internal culture. I had no idea how much internal re-modeling I actually needed. Now, I’ve been enabled to operate freely with my source of grounding to order my time better and prioritize the important work of self-determination for rhythm and balance of life. The integrity of this model lovingly provides clarity of heart: I am gaining freedom from my negative attitudes which has strengthened my resolve to view myself and others with much more understanding and compassion.

Dr. Ioana’s framework encourages true objectivity and creativity that lights the way for the individual’s call to purpose with passion. And, the cherry-on-top, is Dr. Ioana’s genuine joy in her journey with you as a sacred soul companion. I will be grateful to her forever.

- ML. Scacciaferro

BS Psychology, with Professional Counseling Emphasis; Spiritual Formation
Groups Facilitator

In this busy fast-paced world and with many dilemmas as Christians

we need a 'RENEWAL BLUEPRINT' first, and here is WHY ...

An effective 'Renewal Blueprint' can give you the...


  • MAP ‚Äď to navigate your emotions, thoughts, body sensations, so that you can understand your needs without having to¬†suppress¬†them nor indulge them. This way you can pray and connect with God at all time¬†
  • FRAMEWORK ‚Äď to navigate the busy online world ‚Äď with so many Self-care advices, that they do not all make sense from a Christian perspective
  • CONFIDENCE ‚Äď that you take care of your ‚Äėearthly vessel,‚Äô¬†entrusted to you by God: your body, your emotions (heart) and your thoughts (mind) so that you can live from your soul and in union with God at all times, and move from the ‚Äėimage‚Äô of God into Its ‚Äėlikeness‚Äô
  • DAILY RITUALS ‚Äď that you can fall back on, no matter the season you are in. The best Renewal Blueprint is created in an‚Äėaccordion‚Äô style, and can allow you to adapt and regenerate, no matter how busy or relaxed your season is, and without missing important ‚Äėingredients‚Äô in your regeneration
  • FLEXIBILITY ‚Äď so that in a busy season, even with limited time, you know what to focus on, in order to take care of your body, mind (thoughts), heart (emotions) and soul¬†(true self, spirit), without accumulating unnecessary stress
  • GUIDANCE ‚Äď to navigate times of introspection and silent prayers, like Jesus Prayer. In our fast-paced and noisy world, gone are the days when we could get spontaneous times of silence. And, it is not uncommon that many people are not sure what to do in silence (especially as there is so much focus on ‚Äėmeditation‚Äô coming from other religions)¬†¬†
    • Nonetheless contemplation and silence have always been part of the Christian Tradition. In silence it is natural to experience thoughts, emotions, images or body sensations and a helpful Renewal Blueprint can guide you to include silence and contemplation in your daily rituals, while navigating your inner world
  • TIME BACK ‚Äď a Renewal Blueprint helps you to not spend hours and hours in researching and figuring out what is needed for your regeneration. With an effective Renewal Blueprint, you have the patterns all condensed and distilled at your fingertips!
  • DISCERNMENT ‚Äď to brainstorm and grow in what is regenerative for you and what is not.¬†¬†We are created in God in wonderful ways ‚Äď and although alike, we are different in many ways. Not all regenerating practices work for all of us, so having the discernment how to choose is essential. The Renewal Blueprint gives you the space to grow this skill.¬†¬†



I am interested to create my RENEWAL BLUEPRINT!

The TRIA Renewal Blueprint is really centering,  grounding, and helping you to detach (in a healthy way) from whatever is happening outside or inside of you, to not become 'part of the problem'.

- Program Participant

The breadth and depth of Ioana’s knowledge and life experience has enabled her to create something very unique and relevant to the situation many caregivers are facing today.

- Robin

IT Specialist, Spiritual Companion & Director

“Transformed people TRANSFORM people"

Richard Rohr 

I'm so thankful you said yes to me last year! God sends us warriors to help us in our battle. Your ministry & love has helped me grow my faith. It has prepared me to battle to save my family. Thank you for all you do the world.

Sending prayers of strength for you to continue your amazing work.

- Anonymous

Since I burned out twice and, through my decades of professional experience (medicine, psychology, spiritual care, education, life coaching), I built an effective RENEWAL BLUEPRINT, part of The Renewal In Action‚ĄĘ CORE¬†training in these ongoing programs.


This 'Renewal Blueprint' is one of the many offerings in the GCJ Program and has helped me, my students and clients to regenerate on-the-go and enjoy serving Christ with much joy and energy!


People now ask me all the time - "You look so busy! How do you have so much energy and creativity? How can you do that?"


And my answer is "I am not busy - I am just enjoying serving God and regenerating on-the-go, as I follow this Renewal Blueprint - and it works!"


(And I cannot even get full credit - as I believe it is God that inspires and moved us)

And now, YOU too can do that!

We all heard, when boarding a flight, the advice: ‚ÄúIn the unlikely event of decompression, apply the oxygen mask first on your face, and then on those you tend to‚ÄĚ. Yet, have we, Caretakers who face ‚Äúdecompression‚ÄĚ with likely regularity, internalized this guidance? Likely not, by the Burnout epidemic that we witness and experience.

Dr. Ioana Popa‚Äôs ‚ÄúThe Renewal in Action‚ÄĚ Course fills this gap, with wise and loving guidance that instructs, empowers, and heals. It offers pillars to support all our dimensions ‚ÄďBody, Mind, Heart, and Soul‚ÄĒas Humans and Caretakers, so we can renew ourselves, and then return, forged and restored, to caring for others.

- Dr. Cristian

Intensivist & Pulmonologist Physician

About Dr. Ioana 

Dr. Ioana is Christian Spiritual Life Coach & Trainer, educator and physician - psychiatrist, who completed her MTS degree at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, where she has both taught and provided psychological care through the Office of Spiritual Formation and Counseling for many years.

More about Dr. Ioana

I am grateful that Ioana’s vision has come to fruition as it is the most wonderful gift I have ever received!

- Andrea

A transformative event that any caregiver should consider, whether active in the Healing arts, Leadership work, or any other Public service.

- Dr. Cristian

Growing In Christ Journey (GCJ) Program is designed to support you in your spiritual and psychological journey to follow Christ in such a way that ...


"Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy‚ÄĒmeditate on these things."


Philippians 4:8 NKJV 

Ioana’s ongoing, expert guidance and the support from an evolving group of like-minded givers have helped me to focus on self-care and renewal at the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul Levels.

I have willingly stretched myself, answered difficult questions, and participated in sometimes intense reflective exercises, all leading to growth and a deeper connection to God and my true purpose in life!

- Andrea‚Äč


“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment.  


And¬†the¬†second¬†is¬†like it:¬†‚ÄėYou shall love your neighbor as yourself.‚Äô


Matthew 22:37-39 

Here Are The Pillars and the Details of the ... 


Growing In Christ Journey (GCJ)  Program

Regeneration, Growth & Soul Care


  • GROWING¬†in the Image & Likeness of God
  • DEEPENING¬†Roles & Identity in Christ¬†
  • MASTERING¬†of the Will
  • MASTERING¬†of Time & Rhythm
  • BALANCING¬†Body, Mind, Heart & Soul¬†
  • GROWING¬†in Service & Community

Dr. Ioana‚Äôs program and ‚Äėnuggets‚Äô of psychological, scientific and ancient Christian information are very helpful to me. Her ability to express clearly scientific knowledge while integrating psychology and ancient Christian spirituality is helping me to see myself more clearly! Dr. Ioana has given me hope, and helped me to feel better about myself...that change is possible for me!

- Anna

Qld, Australia


When you enroll in the GCJ Program you access:

1. The Renewal in Action‚ĄĘ CORE program - for the first 6 months


This is my signature CORE online program:

  • It is a holistic program with 6 Modules, delivered slowly over ~ 6 months,¬†to avoid overwhelm, so that you can regenerate and connect with God on-the-go, moment by moment¬†
  • It helps you connect with God and build from inside-out your daily RENEWAL BLUEPRINT, integrating your body, mind, heart (emotions) and infusing it with your soul ‚Äď the image of God¬†
  • It will help you build your daily rituals 'accordion style'¬†‚Äď at your own pace, so that you can update your rituals on-the-go, no matter how busy you are¬†
  • This way, you can feel at peace, renewed and grounded in God, like ‚Äúthe eye of the storm‚ÄĚ while serving others in Christ.

Here is what you have access in the first 6 months of the programs:


'Foundations for Renewal'

TRIA MODULE 2 - Month 2

'Prepare for Giving'

TRIA MODULE 3 - Month 3

'Staying in Flow'

TRIA MODULE 4 - Month 4

'Separate & Release'

What does it take to let go of the day and come back to yourself, family/friends without leftover thougths, emotions (or extra pens from work)? It's time to build your 'Separate & Release' Ritual!

TRIA MODULE 5 - Month 5

'Regenerate & Renew'

TRIA MODULE 6 - Month 6

'Integrate & Refine'

2. New Online Courses

One condensed new course per month, right after the TRIA CORE Program 

  • A new course every month to continue to help you on your journey of psychological and spiritual growth.¬†Yes, that is right - new course every month!¬†¬†
  • This way you can continue your journey of growth in Christ toward whatever is 'true, and noble, just, pure,' toward Union with God
  • The¬†monthly courses bring my best condensed information and steps for you to take, without overwhelm, no matter how busy!¬†


Here is a list of  the following Monthly Courses ...

Month 7

'Environmental Design for Sustainable Rituals'  

Month 8

'Understanding Emotions Toward Balance in Christ'

Uncover the hidden 'Laws' of emotions and establish a short practice using my 'P.R.A.Y Jesus' method' to stay grounded on-the-go and be with Christ moment by moment.

Month 9

'Understanding Thoughts Toward Balance in Christ' 

Month 10

'Dealing with Pain Toward Balance in Christ'

Month 11

'Watchfulness - Training Our Focus Toward Union with God'

Month 12

'Mastery of the Will in Christ'

Year 2 Month 1 (Y2M1) 

'Healthy Boundaries in Christ'

Year 2 Month 2 (Y2M2)

'Fruits of the Spirit: The Essence and the Energies of God' 

Year 2 Month 3 (Y2M3)

'God's Will or My Will?  Decision Process & Locus of Control'

Year 2 Month 4 (Y2M4)

'Jesus Prayer and Dual Processing Mind'

Year 2 Month 5 (Y2M5)

'Understanding and Befriending Our Inner Critic'

Year 2 Month 6 (Y2M6)

'Understanding and Befriending
Our Perfectionism'

More Upcoming Monthly Courses in Year 2 ... 

  • Y2M7 -¬†Understanding and Befriending our 'Pleasing' Part¬†
  • Y2M8 -¬†Understanding and Befriending our 'Inner Doubter'¬†
  • Y2M9 -¬†Understanding and¬†Befriending our 'Fixing' Part
  • Y2M10 -¬†Understanding and Befriending our Anger¬†
  • Y2M11 -¬†Deepening Our Experience of the Soul -¬†Christ Identity¬†
  • Y2M12 -¬†Vocation, Creativity and Serving in Christ

3. Monthly Q&A Calls

Bring your questions!

  • We meet during Monthly Live Zoom Q & A¬† meetings.
  • You can bring your questions and I personally answer them.

4. Contemplative Practices and Jesus Prayer Practices

A Growing Online Library 

  • Like many Christians, I love the simple practice of Jesus Prayer. If you are not familiar with it, it is a grounding Christian practice to help us stay in the present moment and in silence, focusing on the simple words and reality ‚ÄúJesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me.‚Ä̬†
  • It is linked to our breath, and in time it can become such a¬†ritual and habit that we can rely on it without even having to think about it! Psychology calls this ‚ÄėDual Processing Mind.‚Äô
  • I started developing a growing bank of recorded practices, based on the tradition of the Jesus Prayer and incorporating helpful preparatory steps to allow our mind, emotions and body sensations to relax, so that we can then rest and regenerate in Christ.

5. Recorded Prayers

A Growing Online Library

  • I love audio recordings of prayers. Many times I am in action and might not be able to sit down and read or say all my prayers.¬†
  • Memorizing prayers is very helpful, and I observed for myself and others that, having access to recording of various prayers or Scripture passages ‚Äď can help us stay grounded in Christ, while we go about our day. And it helps with memorization as well!
  • With that in mind, I started developing a bank of recorded prayers, which I plan to expand along our journey.

 Ready to Learn and Grow in Christ? 

SCHOLARSHIPS Available¬†if Needed: email us at [email protected]

Growing In Christ Journey (GCJ) Program


For the Passionate Christian Givers & Servant Leaders (Total Value over $500/month)

Invest 1-1.5 h /week with  expert & laser-focused content and journey. Here is what you have access to:

  • The Renewal In Action‚ĄĘ TRIA ‚ÄstCORE Online PROGRAM delivered over 6 months¬†
  • Monthly Courses¬†-¬†a new course¬†every¬†month, starting after TRIA Program¬†
  • Monthly Q&A Calls -¬†on the 2nd Friday of each month from 4-5pm ET,¬†where you¬†bring¬†your questions and I personally answer them
  • Contemplative Practices and Jesus Prayer Practices¬†
  • Recorded Prayers¬†
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"Transformed people

-Richard Rohr


I love this program and it is my life offering to you! Although it is expected that you will benefit from your participation in this program, there are no guarantees.

All information provided in this program is strictly for educational purposes and does not form a physician-patient or coach/consultant-client relationship.

It is solely up to you to decide which goals and direction to bring forth in your life, and you are ultimately responsible for choosing which decisions and actions will most benefit you.

During the program, you will have many choices and I always encourage you to use your wisdom and intuition.

In ANY course of this nature, it is possible that uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, beliefs, body sensations may arise in you. The lessons might be thought-provoking and revealing.

If an issue should arise which creates some discomfort within you, I recommend that you talk with your doctor, a mentor, your spiritual guide or seek consultation or mental health treatment if needed with a therapist or psychiatrist.


All information provided on this Website, related Websites AND in the  Programs are strictly for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and do not form a physician-patient NOR a coach/consultant-client relationship. No relationship is formed between you and the Company or any of our owners or employees without a written agreement.  All information is provided as is and is used at your own risk.  Please speak to your medical provider before about any information you read on this website.