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We help Christian Professionals & Servant Leaders to regenerate daily, prevent burnout, move from grief to hope & transform toward higher potential in Christ in order to keep on giving to others, through our online programs, workshops, trainings, retreats, 1 on 1 & group spiritual care life coaching, and our membership programs.

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 1. Are you motivated to live life with a higher purpose by giving generously to others either your time, talent, presence, money, creativity, or prayers?

2. Are you interested in personal transformation, alignment and empowerment, so that you might achieve your highest potential?

3. As you give to others, do you find yourself exhausted, tired or burned out, longing to deepen your sense of renewal, presence and joy?

4. Do you feel, at times, that you are on a lonely journey and are looking for a community of like-minded people?

Even more, as a Christian Leader, Healer, Educator, Entrepreneur, and/or Caregiver, do you notice the following PATTERNS ...

  • You serve, lead, teach, heal and care for people and you are known for your compassion, skills, resourcefulness and wisdom.
  • People reach out to you and often it feels that the flow of human need or suffering does not seem to stop.
  • Some days you can pause and breathe, but some days you have to go non-stop; therefore, your regeneration flow is often interrupted.
  • At times you feel depleted and exhausted, to only dream of your next weekend or vacation to relax.
  • And people might not understand why you want to give so much, but at times they might take advantage of your big heart.  

If this is you, keep reading and see if this also applies to you ...

You might have what we call ‘Self-Giving Side Effects,’ if you experience ANY of the following:

  • Feel often that you are running behind schedule.
  • Have difficulties relaxing at times, even when you have the time to do so.
  • Experience exhaustion in cycles and at times even feel burned out.
  • Notice inner blocks to your sense of peace and joy.
  • Experience confusion about your life direction.
  • Experience unshakable grief either from your own losses or from witnessed losses.
  • Find yourself engaging in daydreaming, scrolling endlessly on social media, watching mindless shows, overeating, etc.
  • Even start wondering what might be wrong with you, when in fact nothing is wrong - all you want is to help others for the betterment of humanity!

These are common 'side effects' and 'dilemmas' for what we call the Passionate (but tired) Christian Givers 

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Not having enough time, but wanting to jumpstart your daily regeneration & self-care in less than 1.5 hours? We offer this course for FREE as a way to thank you for all you do in the world!      (Regular Price $97)

This way, you can take steps TODAY toward balance, peace and calm, so that you can give to others in Christ with joy and that 'peace that surpasses all understanding!


We Offer Several Programs to help you grow toward


Our main focus is to bring our High Level Professional Expertise and provide you with Outstanding Life Coaching & Spiritual Care  Programs toward meaningful and lasting transformation, so that YOU  can 'multiply YOUR GIFTS'!

Are you passionate about Christ, but find yourself tired or exhausted at the end of the most working days? Develop your sustainable & organic Daily Rhythm to prevent Burnout.
The Renewal In Action™ (TRIA) 

The in-depth 6-month online Christian self-care program...

Is your heart broken, lost or stuck from the death of a loved one, divorce, end of a relationship, health issues, loss of trust, faith etc.? Say goodbye to the Pain from losses and move toward relief and hope in your life. 
Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) Online Programs

Group Life Coaching and 1 on 1 Online Programs...

Are you a Christian Woman navigating a turbulent transition in your life, wanting to move from Grief to Hope, from Burnout to Renewal and transform toward your Highest Potential?
HeaRT In Christ: Hope, Renewal & Transformation

A Christ Infused 1:1 Spiritual Care Life Coaching Program...


By working with Sebastien and listening to him sharing examples from his life, I discovered the courage inside to allow decades-old grief to come to the surface and be released. I could not have done this if Sebastien were not so compassionate and trustworthy, and I appreciate his calm, caring presence as he led me through the process to becoming free from old grief.

— Lydia H., Boston, MA

Ioana brings a remarkable blend of genuineness, warmth, compassion, wisdom and grace into her work. This allows the work of IFS life coaching to be not only heard but experienced — felt as well as processed. This has been enormously helpful in working with parts of myself that need to experience validation far more than they need to simply hear words of acknowledgment. In short, she is uniquely skilled as an IFS life coach, and I have benefitted immensely from my work with her.

— Steve, Omaha, NE

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment.  

And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’  

Matthew 22:37-40 NKJV

About Team For The Soul® 

We are a family-based company co-founded in Christ by the two of us: Ioana & Sebastien. As a married couple, we had a vision and the heart to partner with God in  'equipping the living saints,' meaning YOU!

We are on a mission to bring our high-level professional expertise to support Christians on their journey: foster psychological & spiritual growthprevent burnout, help move past griefawaken to their soul’s presence,  move toward higher consciousness and live a meaningful life in union with God (Theosis), the great 'I Am Who I Am,' the creator of the Universe ...


I found Dr. Popa’s Watchfulness & Contemplation webinar to be a truly uplifting experience. Her “6 Steps to Rebalance” is a resource that is both practical and deeply insightful. I plan to make it part of my daily practice. Dr. Popa’s short meditation exercises immediately calmed my mind and helped me to relax and focus. I highly recommend her seminars and materials.

— Matt Kraunelis, Attorney & Writer

I appreciated Grief Recovery Specialist Sebastien’s guidance throughout the Grief Recovery program. He led me through the process of unpacking the many facets of grief I was experiencing over my father’s death. As a result of our work together, I feel a much greater sense of peace and a much greater hope for the future.

— A.M., Boston, MA

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The 'Daily Renewal Template' for Christian Women

Don’t wait for the Big Vacation: 3 Steps to Renew & Regenerate Today.

The Grief Recovery Method® Guide for Loss

61 Tips on the Experience of Grief and How to Help People Through It.


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