The Garden Method of Renewal 

"Looking To Jumpstart Your Daily Self-care Routine?"

Solidify your daily regeneration routine with these 4 Regeneration Building Blocks:

  • 4 Key Renewal Ingredients you need in order to establish your daily self-care routine 


  • 4 Foundational Steps you can take today so that you can feel more empowered on your renewal journey

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"Dr. Ioana Popa’s insightful and heartfelt teaching is anchored in her professional decades as a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Life and Spiritual Life Coach, whereby she approaches humanity and healing in a vision of wholeness, grounded in day-to-day reality, but contemplating ultimate topics like source, God, and reality."

- Dr. Cristian 

"You really are building a blueprint to support your unique life’s journey. You have buy-in to the renewal rituals you have created for yourself. The contemplative practices interspersed throughout the modules support the process. This is so unlike any other course I have ever taken."

- Robin

About Dr. Ioana Popa 

Dr. Ioana Popa is the co-founder of Team For The Soul®, counselor at Hellenic College Holy Cross, the creator of The Renewal In Action™ online program & Team For Our Soul Christian Community. She  brings a unique blend of psychology, science, education, life coaching, spiritual care and Orthodox Christian faith.

After 2 burnouts and years of training and practicing regeneration through daily sustainable and prayerful rhythms, she guides her students and clients toward peace, presence, purpose, a sense of empowerment and connection with their higher self, the sacred & God, to serve others with joy, patience and energy.


  • Master in Theological Studies - Holy Cross School of Theology
  • Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units — Clinical Pastoral Care) 
  •  Trained as a Physician - Psychiatrist 
  • National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) 
  • Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner 
  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach 
  • Certified Elite Coach
  • Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Trained in Intimacy From Inside Out couples work

Now, I’m seeing myself apply Ioana’s teachings, feel being in the presence of the Holy Spirit, find serendipitous moments through connecting and being open to different things. A friend even said to me that I look ‘calm and peaceful’ after one of our mentoring sessions with Ioana and fellow The Renewal In Action students!

- Natalie

The thoughtfully prepared, self-paced modules coupled with Ioana’s ongoing, expert guidance, and support from an evolving group of like-minded givers have helped me to focus on self-care and renewal at the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul Levels... leading to growth and a deeper connection to God and my true purpose in life!

- Andrea

At Team For The Soul®, we help compassionate professionals and caregivers to regenerate daily, prevent burnout, complete grief & transform toward higher potential through our online interdisciplinary programs, workshops, online groups, 1 on 1 life coaching and spiritual care and our membership program for Christians.