The Renewal In Action™

TRIA Core Program

for Christian Professionals & Servant Leaders

~ Regeneration for you. Transformation for the world ~

The in-depth 6-month online Christian self-care program that helps you build on-the-go your unique regeneration blueprint while giving to others in Christ. 

With Dr. Ioana Popa, Co-founder Team For The Soul®


I am ready!
  • Are you passionate about Christ, but find yourself tired or exhausted at the end of most working days?

  • Do you love to lead, heal, teach, and serve others in many capacities (work, family, church) but feel bombarded by the flow of human need and suffering, which seems unending?

  • Do you love to pray, but often your mind is too busy or worried about the people you serve, so you are not as effective in praying and experiencing union with God as you wish?

  • Do you go through cycles of finding peace, followed by days where you have to go non-stop, therefore, your regeneration & self-care flow is often interrupted?

  • Although there is nothing more that you love than being with God every moment, do you find yourself feeling disconnected at times from Him?
  • Since it is difficult to keep a joyful daily prayerful rhythm due to your circumstances, do you start doubting yourself, and feel that 'maybe my faith in God is not strong enough'?

  • Although you love your work, do you get nagging 'Sunday Evening Blues'?

  • Do people around you not understand why you want to give in Christ so much, or just take advantage of your big heart?

  • Do you look peaceful, happy and resourceful to others, but inside you feel running empty and unhappy with your spiritual progress, feeling a sense of 'Impostor Syndrome'?

  • Are you looking for support and resources, but find EITHER Spiritual Resources OR Psychological Secular ones, but not BOTH?
  • Do you feel at times so depleted and exhausted, to only dream of your next vacation or retreat

Don't Keep Waiting For The Weekend Or Your Big Vacation

Choose to regenerate today, as 'today' is all we have.

The Renewal In Action™ program helps you...


daily from inside-out with God  and your Soul (true self)


your unique, sustainable and holistic daily Regeneration Blueprint


daily at the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul level

…so that restored you can continue to fulfill your vocation in Christ and multiply your talents.

The Renewal In Action™ TRIA 


Is an asynchronous 6-month online program (4-6 hours/month) to help you create a flexible, yet sustainable Renewal Blueprint to effectively regenerate and maintain your prayerful daily rhythm using the best of science, psychology, spiritual care and Christian Faith so that you can

      - continue to serve others in Christ 

     - with joy, energy, and the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’

     - no matter how busy you are

     - and without the fear of burning out.

A Story of Renewal From One of the TRIA Students

“A transformative event that any caregiver should consider, whether active in the Healing arts, Leadership work, or any other Public service”

We all heard, when boarding a flight, the advice: “In the unlikely event of decompression, apply the oxygen mask first on your face, and then on those you tend to”. Yet, have we, Caretakers who face “decompression” with likely regularity, internalized this guidance? Likely not, by the Burnout epidemic that we witness and experience.

Dr. Ioana Popa’s “The Renewal in Action” Course fills this gap, with wise and loving guidance that instructs, empowers, and heals. It offers pillars to support all our dimensions –Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul—as Humans and Caretakers, so we can renew ourselves, and then return, forged and restored, to caring for others.

Cristian Arvinte, MD
Intensivist & Pulmonologist
Denver, Colorado, USA


that many Christians experience, blocking them from a sense of joy, energy and that 'peace that surpases all understanding'


“I have to say YES to all requests and needs of others, otherwise I am selfish. I will push harder, be more efficient and make it work.”

It is amazing to help others and be more efficient. But the reality is that we are finite human beings with limited time and resources, therefore we cannot really help and respond to all needs. Eventually we run out of resources and energy, and get into chronic stress and burnout. 


“When I pray, I get distracted easily and I don't really feel God's presence. I'll  just say my prayers no matter what, even if my mind is elsewhere."

Getting distracted during prayers is natural, as this is how our brain works. Nonetheless, just striving through prayers without genuinely connecting with God is  not helpful, and increases a sense of inner misalignment and stress.  


“I have to finish all my work first before I can relax and renew.”

Yes, once our work is completed, it is nice to relax and renew. But if you are reading this, most likely you are very busy leading, supporting and caring for others, so that time to regenerate might not come fast enough or at all for you! And this leads to accumulating frustration, stress, and discouragement. 


“I am so busy and don't have time to regenerate, so I will wait for the weekend, vacation or plan for a retreat.”

There is nothing wrong with taking time off, but when we always leave self-care for later, we not only get out of habit, but we also start accumulating chronic stress. We send a message inside of us that regeneration happens ONLY in certain situations and we lose precious pockets of renewal, deep regeneration and connection with God in between.


“As a Christian I am not sure I need self-care; don't I only need to pray and go to Church?"

Praying and going to Church are central, but if they were enough, then there would be no stressed, burned out, or sad Christians. God created our mind, emotions and body in amazing ways, and overriding their important needs and ways of functioning can lead to a host of problems, including chronic stress and burnout.


“I am so busy and tired, that when I do have time for myself, I end up watching shows, scrolling the news or social media, eating using alcohol etc." 

When we are busy and tired, we reach out for the 'easy fixes', even if they are not helpful.  Unfortunately they are not truly regenerative and can lead to more stress, a sense of emptiness and inner dissatisfaction. 

These are part of what I call the Dilemmas of the Passionate (but tired) Christian!

If unresolved, these Dilemmas can lead to Burnout

And what is Burnout?

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines Burnout as: “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed." Burnout is NOT a medical diagnosis, and has been defined as a "phenomena occurring in the occupational context." 

What are the Signs of Burnout?

The WHO World Health Organization characterized Burnout by three dimensions:

1. feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion

2. increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job; and

3. reduced professional efficacy.

What can lead to Burnout?

There are many reasons someone might develop burnout, many related to the occupational and environmental factors and pressures.

Under these external pressures, the body goes from Acute Stress into Chronic Stress,  which later can lead to energetic depletion of physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual reserves. 

In time, this leads to a growing internal Misalignment between the Mind (thoughts), Heart (emotions), Soul (True Self) and God, our ultimate reality.

Why preventing Burnout?

  • Burnout does not come with 'bells and whistles' or warning signs

  • While in Chronic Stress, there is a paradoxical sense of 'false' wellbeing. The stress hormones are working overtime to mobilize energy from reserves.

  • By the time the Signs of Burnout manifest, chances are that there are no more energetic reserves.

  • As Christians, we are even more prone to burnout, because we want to give it all to God, and respond to ALL needs. But the needs of others are endless and we are finite beings. 

  • I experienced burnout twice in my life not because I was negligent, but because there was no widespread education about it, and no concrete step-by-step guidance for Christian professionals.   I thought (and I was not alone) that if I pray and go to church I will be fine, but I was not

Now I am on a mission to educate and provide resources for Christians to prevent Burnout, because, as they say in Medicine: 'Prevention is better than treatment." 

Are you ready to Prevent Burnout?

Here is how you know you are ready...

  • You want to continue to help others in Christ and make an impact into the world without compromising your Christian Values nor your joy and energy.
  • You are ready to stop feeling exhausted midday and not sure how to handle one more demand, no matter how nicely people ask you.
  • You are tired of overthinking about work or family issues in the evening as you want to spend time with Christ. 
  • You are ready to change so that you do not always say YES to all requests or opportunities when your schedule is already ‘beyond full.’
  • You want to regenerate and stay in union with God every day, moment by moment, and not just go-go-go, hoping to relax and pray during weekends or vacations.
  • You are ready to learn and grow, using an easy step-by-step process, in order to feel at peace and in balance in Christ, no matter how chaotic things are around you. 

The Renewal In Action™

TRIA Program

Regeneration for you. Transformation for the world.


If you are reading this, most likely you've experienced many fluctuating seasons in your life as a high-level Professional Christian Giver and Servant Leader and the TRIA Program is uniquely designed to support and address the specific challenges on this journey.

As a professional, I've experienced 2 burnouts and realized that we are lacking programs that can guide us step-by-step, on a very practical level, while integrating science, psychology, spiritual care and our Christian Faith.

Therefore, inspired by God and amazing professionals who love to give but unfortunately burned out as well, I've embarked on an intense professional training journey to create THE RENEWAL IN ACTION - TRIA Program so that YOU can KEEP ON GIVING TO OTHERS IN CHRIST and fulfill our ministry, without losing precious time or energy from your work!

TRIA - The Renewal In Action™ program helps if you are in one of these situations:

You are experienced in Self-Care and want to fine-tune

You have a lot of experience in self-care and know exactly what works for you, but at times, you fall out of practice, or you want to bring yourself to the next level of integration and balance.

In the TRIA program, you will find many ways to fine-tune your practices, integrate further and sustain your daily renewal rhythm moment-by-moment.

As your life season changes, you fall out of practice

You tried several self-care programs and, although they worked for a while, they don't seem to stick long enough in order to make a sustainable impact in your life.

In the TRIA program, you will build your own flexible renewal blueprint that empowers you to choose your sustainable regenerative practices.

You have no idea where to start

You want to regenerate, but have no idea where to start. You might even be wondering if you are on the brink of burnout, as you feel tired or exhausted.

In the TRIA program, you can take the first steps and develop your foundational self-care and regeneration practices or rituals, without having to allocate hundreds of hours in your very tight schedule or go to expensive retreats.

By learning and practicing regeneration through daily sustainable practices, habits & rituals I am now able to: 

  • have deep compassionate awareness for self and others
  • feel energized and connected to my purpose and higher self
  • pursue my dreams and give to others in Christ, while knowing when to say No graciously
  • and most of all, feel rejuvenated moment by moment

I can now prevent burnout through small steps and mini-vacations that I take everyday, enjoy my family, our 4 amazing children, living in a remote area, with a growing outdoor garden and 40+ indoor plants!


As a Christian Professional & Servant Leader


  • take small steps to regenerate daily and prevent burnout
  • reach a point when you can take mini-vacations everyday, so that you can keep on giving with joy and purpose in Christ 
  • have daily regeneration practices that are sustainable, no matter what season you are in
  • take care of yourself with joy and without a nagging feeling that you are ‘selfish,’ knowing that the more regenerated and peaceful you are, the more you can transform the world
  • and if regeneration and integrating body, mind, heart and soul is a foreign concept like it was for me decades ago, you too can have the confidence to know where to start 

If you are interested in using the intersection of the best of science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian Faith – in order to move toward union with God, every day and every moment, in the cradle of your Church Community and Ministry, then this Program is for you.

A Story of Renewal From One of the TRIA Students

“With an ever-changing plan in place for daily renewal, the work is continuous yet brings hope to every moment.”

Making a commitment to participate in TRIA, in truth, has been a commitment to myself. The thoughtfully prepared, self-paced modules coupled with Ioana’s ongoing, expert guidance, and support from an evolving group of like-minded givers have helped me to focus on self-care and renewal at the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul Levels.

I have willingly stretched myself, answered difficult questions, and participated in sometimes intense reflective exercises, all leading to growth and a deeper connection to God and my true purpose in life!

I am grateful that Ioana’s vision has come to fruition as it is the most wonderful gift I have ever received!

Andrea Gabriel-Jabbour, M.Ed.
Lecturer Curry College
Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach
Lexington, MA

The Renewal In Action™

TRIA Program

Here is a summary of the 6 MODULES,

delivered over 6 months  


'Foundations for Renewal'

Clarify common Caring Dilemmas, learn to befriend Time, (re)discover your Big Why for living and giving, and then create your Renewal Motivational Anchor to keep you inspired during 'rainy' days.


'Prepare For Giving'

Embark on your transformative journey! Discover holistic integration, renew with awareness, overcome inner blocks & start each day with a well crafted and soulful 'Prepare-for-Giving' Morning Ritual.


'Staying In Flow'

Get clarity on how to stay grounded as you go about your day. Create your 'Staying In Flow' Midday Ritual Blueprint and map your quick guide for Self & Co-regulating Practices to use when needed. 


'Separate & Release'

What does it take to let go of the day and come back to yourself, family/friends without leftover thougths, emotions (or extra pens from work)? It's time to build your 'Separate & Release' Ritual!


'Regenerate & Renew'

For your evening, let's start creating your 'Regenerate & Renew' Ritual Blueprint to be with and in God, with all your heart, mind, body, and soul as you pray and go to a restful sleep. 


'Integrate & Refine'

It's time to fine-tune and synthesize your Renewal Blueprint so you can regenerate no matter your season. And last but not least, master quick monthly revisions for lasting transformation. 

A Story of Renewal From One of the TRIA Students


“I kindly recommend this course for every person interested in giving and renewing at the same time.”

Ioana brings in this course her experience gained in many hours of professional education and experience. Her warm voice and the capacity of connecting to everyone taking part in this course is very reassuring and comforting.

The Renewal In Action course is wisely structured so that we can take step after step in practicing renewal. It emphasizes the fact that we all have limits and we don’t need to do things in a perfect manner. It invites us to stop and think about what is important for us and why we continue to give to others.

Corina Platon, MD
Primary Care Provider and Cardiologist
Bucharest, Romania


In this Asynchronous TRIA Program you get…

1. The Daily Renewal Blueprint System

  • a flexible & foundational blueprint 
  • grounded in 4 daily rituals/practices at the body, mind, heart and soul level
  • with the ability for you to adjust for busy and relaxed days, ‘accordion’ style
  • it provides you with a clear process and guideposts to discern and navigate, even when you are super busy

2. The Renewal Anchor 

  • your motivational foundation based on  psychological research and faith practices
  • helps you stay focused to develop long-term resilience
  • is based on your values, priorities and relationship with God
  • so you can stay anchored in your regenerating practices and can keep on giving!

3. Self and Co-regulating Practices

  • access quick techniques from across many disciplines
  • stay grounded as the ‘eye of the storm’ with more ease, in the face of life’s natural turbulence
  • find quicker ways to come back to your sense of self and God
  • work toward preventing getting triggered in the first place

4. The Monthly Renewal Retreat Process

  • the unique process to help you develop your own monthly mini-retreat
  • this way you can  review, update, refine and integrate your Daily Renewal Blueprint
  • so that your daily renewal rituals and practices will stay relevant and useful no matter which season of life you are in!

5. Daily Contemplative Practices 

  • these are short practices
  • using various lenses and languages from various disciplines: science, psychology, spiritual care, ancient christian faith and the practice of Jesus Prayer.
  • whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, they provide guidance to stay in silence and navigate your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations

6. 'Language Bridge' Framework 

  • become fluent across many perspectives around self-care and renewal practices: Science, Psychology, interfaith spiritual care and Christian Faith
  • integrate, discern to cut through the massive noise online
  • understand, communicate and help others coming from various perspectives

7. Downloadable / Printable Handouts

  • printable handouts and exercises to help you develop a vision and brainstorm on what has worked for you in the past or in the present
  • streamline your ideas to extract the essence of your insights
  • make simple decisions and then implement your practices
  • keep track of your rituals and practices throughout the 6 modules and beyond

8. Lifetime Access To The TRIA Asynchronous Online Program

  • renewal is a continuous process and I am here to support you!
  • you’ll get unlimited access to the entire TRIA™ digital program, including future updates, completely free of charge.
  • lifetime means for the life of the course, and I pray that God will grant this program many years

A Story Of Renewal From One Of the TRIA Students

“Thank you so much for the Renewal in Action. A gift ... to help me find the strength, resilience, and courage!”

I greatly benefitted on a personal level from the Renewal in Action course. As a caregiver for my mother, there were times I was at my lowest point. I struggled with burnout, guilt, anger, frustration, and despondency.

This course came my way at the optimal time: a gift that provided a variety of beautiful practices to help me find the strength, resilience, and courage I needed at this pivotal time in my life.

Ann Marie

The Renewal In Action™

TRIA Program

To summarize, by the end of the TRIA program, you will have:

Developed your own Daily Renewal Blueprint

Self-care is a lifelong pursuit and there is no one-size-fits-all method to renewal. In this program, you take the foundational steps to build and fine-tune your own flexible yet sustainable self-care FRAMEWORK from inside out⏤one that you can use and revise for the years to come.

Strengthened your renewal ‘steering wheel’

Instead of an instant reset, you’ll go at your own pace through the process of regeneration which includes balance restoration, maintenance and then growth. You will gain clarity about what is most important to you and take small but steady regeneration steps - so small that you cannot fail.

Worked toward aligning your self-care with God

As you explore your beliefs, purpose, values and your life’s larger questions, you align your vision in life in God to your daily actions and your regeneration practices. This provides a motivational anchor to ground you in various choices you make, so that you stay centered and avoid overburdening yourself.

Explored ways to maintain your daily regeneration flow

When we are giving and helping others, we tend to lose our sense of self. With curiosity and compassion, you learn the small steps you can take to befriend your renewal inner blocks and stay connected to God and yourself, so that you go through your day feeling refreshed instead of feeling depleted.

Unraveled the steps towards stillness in the present moment

Imagine yourself being in the eye of the storm, a place of calm in the midst of action, chaos, or sufferings. Your soul in God is the core of what makes you - you and it is already peaceful! (Re)discovering and nurturing your soul's qualities, the Fruits of the Spirit, can help you move slowly toward feeling centered and peaceful, no matter your circumstances.

Impacting the world through your soulful presence

We have more ways of impacting the world, not just through what we DO during the day, but also by our way of BEING. A strengthened sense of presence in God has the potential power to shine through and illuminate others, inspiring them to transform and achieve their highest potential as well.

Explored the Bridge between various perspectives

In this program, you will gain important and integrative ideas from science, psychology, and christianity so that you can become more fluent not only in filtering the multitude perspectives available in our culture, but in connecting with others of other faiths, as we are called to 'baptise all nations.' 

BUT above all else...

The Renewal In Action™ - TRIA program will offer you a step-by-step and balanced approach to transformative and holistic regeneration, mind, body, heart and soul,  so you can renew daily and move towards achieving your highest purpose in Christ.


A Story Of Renewal From One Of the TRIA Students

"Now, I’m seeing myself apply Ioana’s teachings, feel being in the presence of the Holy Spirit."

A friend even said to me that I look ‘calm and peaceful’ after one of our mentoring sessions with Ioana and fellow TRIA students!

At first, I couldn’t finish it because I was transcribing almost everything to help myself remember all of Ioana’s teachings – it was helpful but it was also time-consuming. However, Ioana reminded us to let go of my perfectionism.

So then, I started to just listen, and take in what I could. And that’s how I was able to finish it and realize all the good stuff—spiritually, psychological, and other different areas Ioana brought in.



Get started today for $997

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If you don't like TRIA - The Renewal In Action™ program for any reason - you can simply email us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase, and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

A Story Of Renewal From One Of the TRIA Students

“I found The Renewal In Action on-line digital course very engaging.”

The breadth and depth of Ioana’s knowledge and life experience has enabled her to create something very unique and relevant to the situation many caregivers are facing today.

At first the content appears deceptively simple but as you work through what is being asked of you, you begin to realize that you are being guided to places deep within yourself, and that you really are building a blueprint to support your unique life’s journey. You have buy-in to the renewal rituals you have created for yourself. The contemplative practices interspersed throughout the modules support the process. This is so unlike any other course I have ever taken!

Robin Hetko
IT Specialist / Spiritual Companion / Director
New Skete Monastery, Cambridge NY


Frequently Asked Questions


If you’ve read this far…

You have two choices:

1. Continue to try to figure this out on your own or seek other resources. Of course I would be honored to guide you through TRIA program, but I value your unique journey in Christ and your freedom of choice


2. Choose to build from inside-out your daily holistic Renewal Blueprint through TRIA program, a blueprint that is flexible enough to adapt to your life seasons AND foundational enough to regenerate and stay aligned body, mind, heart and soul to support your unique life journey

Imagine where you could be just 6 months from now

  • You went through the process of discovering and slowly building your own sustainable daily Regeneration Blueprint.
  • You learned the foundational skills to prepare for each day of giving, staying in flow, separate and release from the cares of each day and reconnect to your true self/soul and what is larger than yourself, moment by moment.
  • You took small and actionable steps and started moving away from running on empty toward a lifelong ability to regenerate on-the-go, while you give to others for the betterment of humanity.
  • You strengthened your discernment process in caring for your own inner needs at the mind, heart and body level, so that you stay grounded.
  • You took the steps to learn or refine how to self-regulate and co-regulate so that you can stay present as the ‘eye of the storm.’

The Renewal In Action™

TRIA Program

Regeneration for you. Transformation for the world.


About Ioana Popa, MD, BCC, MTS

Integrating 3 decades of professional expertise in helping her clients and students change relationships, habits, pattern of thoughts, emotions, states of being and beliefs in order to overcome past conditionings and thrive in Christ, Dr. Ioana is keenly aware of the challenges Professional Christians have in becoming the best version of themselves as they move through various seasons in life.

This is especially problematic in our modern era, where there is an explosion of perspectives, many times at odds with each other AND with the Christian faith.

Dr. Ioana brings a unique, holistic and integrated perspective of science, psychology, spiritual care and Christian Faith.

This allows her to coach and guide her students and clients to take empowering steps to regenerate, overcome past losses.

Dr. Ioana's Qualifications:

  • National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC)
  • Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach
  • Master in Theological Studies
  • Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner
  • Certified Elite Coach
  • Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist
  • Trained In Intimacy From Inside Out Couples Work (basic and advanced level)
  • Trained In Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units - Clinical Pastoral Care)
  • Physician-Psychiatrist

The Renewal In Action™ Program:

Regeneration for you. Transformation for the world.

Commit in the now.

Renew today.


Get started today for $997

Risk Free: 30-day Money-back Guarantee


If you don't like TRIA - The Renewal In Action™ program for any reason - you can simply email us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase, and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.


I love this program and it is my life offering to you! Although it is expected that you will benefit from your participation in this program, there are no guarantees.

All information provided in this program is strictly for educational purposes and does not form a physician-patient or coach/consultant-client relationship.

It is solely up to you to decide which goals and direction to bring forth in your life, and you are ultimately responsible for choosing which decisions and actions will most benefit you.

During the program, you will have many choices and I always encourage you to use your wisdom and intuition.

In ANY course of this nature, it is possible that uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, beliefs, body sensations may arise in you. The lessons might be thought-provoking and revealing.

If an issue should arise which creates some discomfort within you, I recommend that you talk with your doctor, a mentor, your spiritual guide or seek consultation or mental health treatment if needed with a therapist or psychiatrist.


All information provided on this Website, related Websites AND in the  Programs are strictly for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and do not form a physician-patient NOR a coach/consultant-client relationship. No relationship is formed between you and the Company or any of our owners or employees without a written agreement.   All information is provided as is and is used at your own risk.  Please speak to your medical provider before about any information you read on this website.