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Unconditional respect of all human beings, altruism and generosity.


Being present, aware,  compassionate, curious and life-long learners.


Interconnectedness on all levels & healthy boundaries.

Who We Are

Dr. Ioana Popa &

Sebastien Falardeau


As a married couple, we co-founded Team For The Soul® with a vision and the heart to help others grow in their journey, to discover and awaken their soul’s presence and find life’s purpose. 

Together, we have a cumulative 40+ professional years of partnering with thousands of people from all walks of life through joy, suffering, tears, successes, losses and the ups and downs of all life seasons and cycles, from birth to the last breath. 

And we believe in building relationships for life and our main focus is to provide programs to walk alongside people's journey toward meaningful and lasting transformation.

Therefore we offer one-to-one coaching, consulting and spiritual care along with educational programs such as online courses, a community membership for Christians and the Grief Recovery Method® online program. 

We love to lead workshops and retreats, write and present at conferences.

We also partner with Non-profit organizations & Christian communities to support their Board and their organization to regenerate and keep on giving to others in Christ with joy, patience and peace of mind.  

Our Story


When we look back in our lives, both of us have been moved and inspired by the power of inner transformation. We seek meaning and purpose behind personal or cultural conscious or unconscious biases.

Several years ago, we started to immerse ourselves in each other’s trainings, enlarging our professional skills. We completed trainings in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, Clinical Pastoral Care (CPE), Internal Family Systems (IFS)  and Grief Recovery Method®.

Outside of Team For The Soul® we love spending time with our family, friends and with each other, reading, writing and having solitude.

About Dr. Ioana


I have been walking with individuals and families throughout their seasons of life for decades. My original training was as a physician and psychiatrist, I then moved towards becoming an educator, life coach and spiritual care provider ...  

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About Sebastien


As an interfaith chaplain I bring not only the proven method of Grief Recovery Method®, but also years of personal and professional experience in working with thousands of people around loss, grief and life transitions ...  

MORE About Sebastien

What We Stand For 

We believe, support and stand for the preciousness of life, human dignity, generosity of spirit along with healthy boundaries, finding meaning and purpose in life and for supporting the deep human unfolding toward a greater purpose.

Although we are grounded in our faith, we both hold a deep appreciation for humanity and for the common grounding presence that runs beneath any political or religious views, the color of skin, gender preferences, financial status, etc.

We believe that the soul has an infinite space of renewal, peace, compassion, a sense of knowing, an intelligent awareness, that is untouched and unharmed by any life experience, no matter how unfortunate or unfair. It is at this level we renew and find meaning and purpose.

Who We Serve

We are particularly moved to support the compassionate and conscious healers, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs and/or caregivers on their soul journey, as they pour their hearts out and live by giving and helping others, so that their efforts can be renewed and multiplied exponentially.  

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