Sebastien Falardeau, MA


Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist 


Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Interfaith Chaplain


About Sebastien  

As an interfaith chaplain, I bring not only the proven method of Grief Recovery®, but also years of personal and professional experience working with people around loss, grief and life transitions.

Initially, I dreamed of being a musician and put hours in practicing guitar playing. After several years I had to stop pursuing my dream due to health issues. This loss, although very painful initially, helped me re-pivot my life and find deeper meaning. 

I later studied philosophy, tutored students and worked various housekeeping jobs in hospitals.

It was there that I came to know many hospital patients and learned to appreciate them and their existential struggles while facing medical difficulties.


As I studied Spiritual Care and Theology for years and I found my own path as an interfaith chaplain.

Outside of my life coaching and spiritual care work, I love to read, write, do research, listen to music, and enjoy photography.

Sebastien helped me understand how the program works and guided me through every coaching session. There were times when I wanted to move very quickly, and he helped me slow down to pay attention to the process. And other times, he listened and answered my numerous questions like nothing else was more important in this world. He was there for me, all heart, on the other side of the screen.

— Ileana, upstate NY

What I do at Team For The Soul® 


At Team For The Soul®, I help people with losses and grief while walking alongside them, no matter what their circumstances or difficulties are. From death and dying, to the loss of their jobs, families, loss of relationships, loss of dreams or faith, I help them with presence and compassion to complete their grief journey. 

Grief Recovery Method® GRM Program
Group Online GRM - 8 Weeks Program
Grief Recovery Method® GRM Program
1 to 1 Online GRM  - 8 Weeks Program

The Grief Recovery Method helped me identify and process the great grief I experienced after my father died. I discovered much more about my relationship with my father and about my father’s impact on my life. These discoveries have brought me to a new place of peace and wholeness.

— A.M., Boston, MA

How I work 

  • When we work together, I align with you to support a safe and trustworthy connection, one in which you can be fully authentic in order to process your grief.
  • I use my professional skills to walk with you through your particular life loss, no matter how unusual.
  • We will communicate openly and authentically and I will provide step by step guidance using the Grief Recovery Method® evidenced-based proven methodology. 

"This program (Grief Recovery with Sebastien) enabled me to transform my relationship with my mother by letting go of decades of hurt and grief around our relationship. And by freeing myself of that old grief, I received emotional energy that I’m now using to move forward in other areas of my life. This is a very powerful program.

— Lydia H., Boston, MA

Sebastien's  Professional Background

Next Steps . . .

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