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Coping Strategies For Daily Stress - 'To Feel or Not to Feel’ Part 7

emotional regulation renewal-on-the-go
Coping strategies for stress

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many Givers are helping others so much, that they tend to experience daily stress, just by the nature of their vocation or mission. If this is you, have you ever wondered if there are more ways that you could deal with the unexpected triggers or stresses so that you can stay present and peaceful?


Because daily stressors and triggers can take a big toll on our nervous system, we cannot just keep going and ignore them, as they might accumulate and eventually lead to unnecessary burnout.


In the previous videos of the 'To Feel or Not To Feel' series, I talked about the third way of being with emotions, without repressing or suppressing them and other ways of addressing emotions.


However the third way requires more long-term practice (like exercising daily) and depending on the situation, even a guide or counselor.


So what can we do in the moment though, to find our balance quickly and stay professional and diplomatic, without compromising our authenticity and integrity?


This is exactly what I touch on in this Renewal Nugget - and bring the psychological models to explain what we can do, with specific examples.



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