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Answering Prayers, God’s Nature & Developmental Attachment Styles

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Does God answer all our prayers?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As a Christian Woman, I am sure you had many times when you felt God’s presence and your prayers were answered.

And in the same time, if you are like most of us, you also experienced moments when you felt God is silent and started wondering...

- maybe I did something wrong
- maybe God is testing me
- maybe God is mad at me
- maybe God is distant and does not hear my cry
- maybe I am not worthy ...
- the list goes on and on

But I am here to say that God’s nature does not change! Like the sun sending light to everyone, God sends love to everyone.

Nonetheless, just hearing or reading this is usually not enough.

Nor especially comforting, if we don't address the psychological aspect of it and get some clarity on what's going on at the root of it.

There are subtle but powerful psychological inner forces that are formed early on, that condition us more than we think, and can influence this exact experience of God!

But we are not slaves to them nor to our conditionings. Between Scriptures, our Faith and the current psychological methodologies, there is hope for transformation and renewal in Christ!

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