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Self Doubt and True Worth in God: Foundational Steps for Christian Women

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true worth in God

by Dr. Ioana Popa

I've encountered countless Christian women who, in spite of their accomplishments and being appreciated by others, wrestle with self-doubt, criticism or regrets.

And this is especially true if they are going through a difficult season.

Perhaps it's the pressure at work, the strain of a broken relationship, separation, divorce, the weight of caring for others, or the loss of a loved one.

It could even be positive life transitions like marriage, birth of child, kids going to college or a promotion at work.

On the outside they look proficient, professional and compassionate but inside, the bouts of self-doubt are hurting. This can even lead to 'Imposter Syndrome.'

Do you resonate with this? Many women do - including myself years back.

And most of the time, those doubts and emotions can often bubble up when we least expect them, like during moments of pause, prayer or quiet time, catching us off guard.

These experiences can lead us to thoughts like: "Why can I not move on?" "I wish I have not done that." "Why can I not pull myself together?" "I've managed difficult situations before, why can't I do this now?" What is wrong with me?" "I should be grateful." etc etc.

Deep down we may wonder why we can't seem to hold it all together when others look successful in life, and why we're the only ones feeling this way?

You've heard me say this before (yes I know), but it is true: if you resonate with this, rest assured that you are NOT alone. I've had the privilege to hear many Christian women sharing their stories, and I am struck by the common threads, like this one!

In this episode, I go over this condition many of us experience: self-doubt, and share 3 powerful Foundational Principles to address self-doubt and find our true worth in Christ.


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