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Interview with Dr. Dee Jaquet - Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

Welcome to our Renewal Conversations, as part of our Team For The Soul® - Renewal Nuggets, an Oasis in the Midst of Action, bridging science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian faith.

Our special guest for this episode is Dr. Dee Jaquet. In our conversation, Dr. Dee shares about her life journey, strongly grounded in her faith, which allowed her to learn in the same time from various faiths by creating ‘rainbow bridges'.

Dr. Dee is a pastoral therapist, spiritual director, interfaith chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) supervisor. She has directed the CPE Programs in Grand Junction and the western Rocky Mountain area. She connects with and guide people in their spiritual and life journey.

She shares about her inner discernment process, ways to find inner peace and renew in our day to day life.

She also brings a process that allows to stay in connection with our communities while setting healthy boundaries as givers, by using our ‘inner yardstick’ - our values and sense of integrity, while co-creating with the universe.

Having Professional GIVERS share from their expertise and life experience is paramount so that we can get the inspiration and extra support on our own renewal journey.

ABOUT Dr. Dee Jaquet:
🍵 A Diplomate in Clinical Supervision and Pastoral Counseling in the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy
🍵 A Spiritual Director in private practice
🍵 Was a Pastoral Psychotherapist and Adjunct Faculty in Religious Studies at Regis University, Denver
🍵 Active in Spiritual Directors International and has been teaching and supervising for the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program since 2010
🍵 A Fellow (retired) in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a Board Certified Chaplain (retired) in the Association of Professional Chaplains
🍵 Has represented Eastern Orthodox Christian women from America at three World Council of Churches international conferences
🍵 Has published numerous articles, and has been a leader in a variety of Orthodox Christian, ecumenical and interfaith settings and activities

If you want to learn more about Dee, you can check her website here:

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