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What is Grief Recovery Method® and how it helps with losses

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Grief Recovery Method

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Although Grief is a natural and normal response to loss, it is many times a painful and confusing one. Sometimes the loss is obvious, such as the death of a dear one, in which case we might receive compassion, but sometimes the loss is more difficult to talk about (divorce - especially for Christians, estrangement, loss of a pet, moving, the birth of a child etc).

In my previous work as a psychiatrist in very busy clinics, I was always struck by the ineffectiveness of the many support grief groups available, including the Christian ones.

And like many people, I've had my share of grief, but still could not find a process or framework that can help move effectively through and beyond undelivered communications and emotions, toward real hope, putting to rest unnecessary pain.

Don't get me wrong - I am a passionate Christian, and I do believe in eternal life and that the ultimate hope comes from Christ. And that in God, all things are possible, including healing us. But I also believe in Co-creation and Synergy with God, and that we too need to do our share to grow psychologically and spiritually.

What I have noticed, is that most of the support Grief Groups or counseling bring help and comfort, but in many, there is one thing that is MISSING, as they don't really take into consideration how our BRAIN WORKS.

Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) has the missing link! And although it is considered an educational process, It has a sound and powerful methodology.

As a life coach and spiritual care professional, I am convinced that in order to continue to grow psychologically and spiritually, it is imperative that we deal effectively and move through past or present grief and the secondary emotions associated with them, otherwise we reach a 'CEILING' in our psycho-spiritual progression.


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