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How To Stay In Flow: A 2-Step Practice You Can Do With Ease

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How To Stay In Flow: A 2-Step Practice You Can Do With Ease

by Dr. Ioana Popa

"How can I stay grounded and present through the ups and downs of the day, like the "Eye" of the storm?" Most of us GIVERS would love to feel a sense of peace, regeneration and flow throughout the day as we are busy helping others.

However, sometimes even if we start great in the morning, by mid-day or afternoon, we might feel depleted of energy, tired, or maybe triggered by others when we least expect it!

In this second part of the series "Staying In Flow", I bring a short daily practice, using breath and curiosity, which you can use to

- (re)connect with your grounded presence on a daily basis and
- prevent accumulated stress and burnout.

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