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Trying to Avoid Distractions? WATCHFULNESS IS The Hidden Link

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by Dr. Ioana Popa

It is common nowadays to be glued to online tools when we have a break, and especially during transition times. For many Christian women this is a necessity, in order to make sure they respond in time to the demands of their profession, family, friends and community, not to mention staying up-to-date with news, learning, growing, praying, regenerating etc.

This is not a problem in itself - but it can become one, especially if we feel pulled away from spending time with God, or even come back to ourselves.

As Christian women this can spill over during our prayer time or silence where our mind suddenly drifts off thinking about past events or worrying about future occurrences (been there, done that).

And many times we take it to the 'next level' - and start subtly (in the background) blaming ourselves "I am not faithful enough," "I am disorganized," "What is wrong with me"- etc etc etc - fill in the blanks.

The issue is not actually with our faith. Because if you are reading this, most likely there is nothing more that you want or desire than to be with and in GOD every moment. Well, that is FAITH!

The issue is that we are not taught to train a subtle and 'hidden' Psychological Function: our Focus

In the Spiritual Christian tradition for centuries this is called "Watchfulness," which in modern terms is our ability to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, reactions, others, the world - with the ultimate purpose to come back in our awareness to GOD, every moment of our lives.

We do this by training our FOCUS

In this mini-training, you have access to actual steps that you can start today to train your focus - toward being with God, toward Watchfulness.


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