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Befriend Your Perfectionism: 3 Phases of How Change Really Happens

achieving highest potential renewal-on-the-go sustaining wholesome habits
rapid change is overrated

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As Christians, we share a deep longing to be closer to God - to follow in His footsteps and to be like Him. It's a beautiful vocation, yet there are common dilemmas that many of us face on our journey, which can lead to Burnout. In our pursuit to live as Christ did, we often struggle with the ingrained impulse for perfectionism.

One of the ways in which perfectionism can show up is in the hope that the CHANGE that we want to see in ourselves will happen overnight, or once acquired, it is here to stay.

Sometimes that happens, but not always. And the problem with this mindset is that it can lead us into problems.

In this episode, I give many examples of how this Mindset is so widespread - from children's movies to athletes, to psychiatry and mental health PLUS the Psychological and Theological Framework to understand the alternative.

And then I will share the 3 Phases of how change really works! These phases are often overlooked, yet they hold the key to befriending perfectionism and lasting transformation in Christ.

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