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Chronic Stress: Consequences & Steps to Avoid It, With Dr. Mary Pearson, Primary Care Physician

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‘RECEIVE At A High Level, TO GIVE  At A High Level’

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As Christian women professionals and servant leaders, we often find ourselves wrestling with the balance between giving and receiving, serving and self-care, especially when we are filled with a desire to give to others in Christ.

But, as our guest for this episode wisely points out, 'If you want to GIVE at a high level, you want to RECEIVE at a high level.'

In this Renewal Conversation episode, I'm excited to introduce you to our guest, Dr. Mary Pearson, Primary Care Physician, CEO of the New Creation Healing Center and NH State Representative of the CMDA - Christian Medical & Dental Association.

Dr. Mary brings a unique perspective to this conversation infusing her medical practice with a holistic Christian journey.

Join this interview to hear her sharing about her beautiful (and interesting) Christian journey, her medical career, her creative 'missionary' lifestyle, the Healing center she is leading, chronic stress consequences & tons of nuggets of wisdom about how to avoid it.

From the challenges of chronic stress to the importance of seeking God's guidance, Dr. Mary offers wisdom that speaks directly to our hearts as Christian women.

She will also share insights on aligning our values with God and prioritizing self-care.

Together, we'll explore practical tips and personal routines for staying grounded and fostering holistic well-being.

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Do you want to know more about Dr. Mary?
☀️ Dr. Mary is a Primary Care Physician and CEO of New Creation Healing Center in Kingston, NH
☀️ She is the NH State Representative of the national CMDA - Christian Medical & Dental Association.
☀️ Her practice has now grown into the medical facet of New Creation Healing Center, Inc. where she provides care for patients throughout the area
☀️ She loves working at a facility where she can spend time with her patients and listen to their needs

⏩ If you want to know more about Dr. Mary and the New Creation Healing Center in Kingston, New Hampshire, you can visit their website here:

⏩ If you are a Christian in the medical or dental profession and want to learn more about the CMDA - Christian Medical & Dental Association - here is the link:

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Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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