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Our Ego: Why It Matters And How To Befriend It

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Befriending Our Ego

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Have you heard of the term Ego, and not sure what to do with it? I’ve been seeing many psychological and spiritual teachings recommending shutting down our Ego as a solution to our lives, as it might be prideful or controlling. Although there might be truth to that, many times shutting down our Ego does not work in the long run and can backfire.

We are all complex beings with many layers - we have competing needs and complex ways of being organized.

By reframing our inner conversations, we might be able to see their true function, connect us to our internal needs and move toward wholeness and alignment.

Many times, our ego can be seen as the one controlling and leading everything. And due to this, many people are wanting to ‘exile’ and ‘silence’ the ego.

But what if our ego is just one inner part (or subsystem) with important functions and needs?

Through this video, I want us to consider this idea of befriending different inner parts of us, especially the ones that might have the negative connotations, and start thinking of the potential positive intentions.

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