Thriving in Christ 


'I will uphold you with my arm'- Contemplation On The Word for Christian Women

contemplative practices grow with scriptures
'I will uphold you with my arm'

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As the season is changing, sometimes we need a pause to refresh before we gear into action! Maybe your kids, grandkids or nephews/nieces are starting school, or maybe you are! Or maybe you are just moving from vacation mode to fall season, or there is a shift in your schedule or relationships.

Either way, here is a Contemplative Practice on the Word (a Bible Verse) for you to pause and reconnect with GOD from WITHIN, and to experience an "OASIS in the midst of action."

I offer Contemplative Practices like this one in my Community of Christian Women where I coach them directly and offer them spiritual care as well.

And today you get to experience one, as a gift to encourage you along your journey!

Ready to take a few minutes to regenerate?

Then press the play button.

AND share this message with other Christian Women, as we never know who needs this message today!!

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