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Prayers without Distractions? What Logical and Emotional Intelligence teaches us

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Prayers without Distractions?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Have you ever found yourself trying to pray in the evening, to only be disrupted by swirling thoughts or emotions, rehearsing the past day's events or thinking about tomorrow? It's a challenge we all face – these moments when our intentions to connect with God are hijacked by our busy lives (been there done that). But it does not have to be this way!

This is such a common problem that it is worth bringing it back to the discussion table - so I am re-running this very short video to stress this ONE SMALL STEP you can take that can actually make the difference during your evening prayer.

You might have tried various techniques and advice but still found yourself unable to fully engage in prayer or connect with God authentically.

Today we can fix that - as you can take this one step BEFORE you pray, using psychology and the many 'intelligences' we have, for then a genuine connection with God.

Click PLAY to get started to learn & grow, and share with other Christian Women to inspire them toward freedom in Christ.


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