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Emotional Regulation Beyond Suppression or Catharsis: The Third Way

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Emotional Regulation Beyond Suppression

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As a giver, what is your experience with intense emotions, especially as you are trying to relax at the end of the day, have some quiet time, regenerate or pray? For many centuries, and in many cultures and spiritual traditions, suppressing emotions has been the default mode in dealing with emotional regulation. Although it works in the short run,  many times it backfires and can lead to thought ruminations or worries. 

On the flip side, emotional full expression and catharsis have been encouraged in some psychological methodologies several decades ago, but recent psychological studies showed that they are not always that helpful. Although, it helps to express emotions, many times it can create more and more unhelpful 'stories' in our inner world, which can intensify emotions, having thus the opposite effect.  

What is another way? There is a 3rd way, preserved and transmitted in some spiritual traditions, and validated by emergent psychological methodologies. 

In this video, I share this common dilemma at the end of a full day of giving. 

I also review this third way of being with emotions, with simple tips to witness them without suppressing nor indulging, nor labeling ourselves as 'bad', 'mean' or 'prideful' for having them. 

May you have a peaceful time at the end of the day!

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