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Getting over Perfectionism In Self-care

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perfectionism in self-care

by Dr. Ioana Popa

In my conversations with many professional Christian women, I've noticed a recurring pattern – a struggle to find time to prioritize their own well-being in the midst of busy lives caring for others. They juggle the demands of work, family, church, and various roles as caregivers and leaders, often leaving themselves last on the list.

The desire to serve and give to others is beautiful, but in the process, our perfectionism kicks in and we have an image that Self-care or regeneration has to happen in a certain way every day, or take a certain amount of time.

And since we are busy, that perfect time to regenerate happens less often than we want or we are super tired and don't have the energy to go to the gym, keep our prayers, or walk.

"Oh, if I could just finish this project, take care of this thing, clear up my email inbox, answer all the phone calls (etc.) and THEN relax and take care of myself."

But then a curious thing happens: since we don't take action caring for ourselves, and see others doing it, then our self-criticism kicks in and we start doubting our willpower and worthiness, feeling guilty, or comparing ourselves to those who seem to effortlessly prioritize self-care.

This saps even more of our energies - and I've seen the devastating impact this can have in Christian women, including myself - from burnout, a sense of loss of self, Imposter syndrome etc.

If you can relate, these experiences are more common than you might realize. And I was caught in this cycle many times before I broke free from it.

I like to always go to the root of issues and in this mini-training I walk you through ...

- the 'pattern' of thoughts that I've seen coming up often around this topic - this might not be exactly what goes through your mind (it is a PATTERN) but extract the essence of what I am saying and see how this could apply to you.

- what is the CHOICE Point you can have to empower yourself and

- the alternative to help you get over Perfectionism in Self-care.


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