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How to Prevent Getting Sick in Vacation - 'To Feel or Not to Feel’ Part 5

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Getting sick in vacation?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Have you ever been looking forward to your well-earned vacation, only to get a cold the first few days of your time off? This happens often, especially for givers who try to push through and have to postpone their renewal.


Emotions are key in expressing our needs on many levels and when left unmet, they can lead to stress.


But there is a catch. As we get into a biological stress response, we might get the wrong message and can actually drive ourselves into even more stress!


Here is a short Renewal Nugget, where I unpack the relationship between stress, emotions and potentially our wrong conclusion, and what to do about it, so that, when that long-awaited vacation comes, we can minimize the risk of getting sick.



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