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Can Motivation be Internal or External?

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Can Motivation be Internal or External?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many people believe that motivation is important in order to achieve our goals and intentions, and the dilemmas become should motivation be internal or external?

And shouldn't we, as mature human beings, operate only from internal motivation?

That in theory works - but the only problem is that our internal states vary from day to day, so we cannot always rely on an internal state to help us all the time to accomplish things.

In other words, the problem with 'internal motivation' is that it is great when we 'feel' it, but not so great when we are not energized by it, which can lead to postponing or procrastinating.

And on top of that, people who love to GIVE, are going to spend lots of energy in helping others, which leaves them with little energy for themselves and their own projects and goals.

And later, they might even feel 'bad' about themselves - and that saps even more energy!

If this describes you or someone you know, it is refreshing to know that this dilemma is more common than we think.

And you might wonder - so what are the solutions?

There are many layers to this, some which are more complex to explain in a short video - but I unpack in details in the Effortless Will In Action online course (see below for special 50% off)

But today I have a short video for you, in which I condensed years of practice and professional growth.

This is a quick snippet that can help you shift your mindset about Motivation (Internal vs. External), freeing you up to find creative solutions to achieve your goals, including to regenerate and renew.

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