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When Motivation Runs Out: Bridging the Gap between Thoughts and Actions - Part 1

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Not sure how to  motivate yourself?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

What do we do when motivation runs out? It is so helpful to have inner drive to do things, but many times we don't have the same level of motivation or energy.

And this is when many of us might start either getting discouraged or push ourselves further.


If we feel discouraged, many people start labeling themselves as "bad, lazy, procrastinators etc." which impacts negatively the identity and can backfire in the future.

Or they might push themselves beyond their natural limits, sustaining their efforts by cutting on sleep, and drinking too much coffee or energy drinks.


GOOD NEWS? It does help to know that at the root of this issue, there is a natural and COMMON human condition - which I will describe in this short video.

I will also go over the importance of setting our environment to support our habits, based on what science calls our "dual processing brain".


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