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How to Settle Your Thoughts at the End of the Day

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How To Settle Your Thoughts At The End Of The Day

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many compassionate givers find themselves exhausted by 6-7pm (or even sooner) to the point that they feel that they have no time and energy to enjoy their evening, to regenerate, or connect with their higher self or God.  At that point, distractions or catching up with work seem like the only option. 

They probably say to themselves “I'm too tired now, but I’ll just make sure to regenerate later or tomorrow (or the weekend)"

But when that time comes, they are back tired or exhausted, and they find themselves into the same cycle. They feel that they are doing something wrong - and they might need to push harder. 

Internally they might be wondering "What is wrong with me" as everyone seem to have it all together.  I call this the dilemma of the passionate but tired Giver. 

This is more common than we think and can lead many of us to experience subtle (or less subtle) burnout. 

And if you resonate with this, then in this video I share about how to help your mind to settle at the end of the day, without using suppressions or distractions. 

This might be counterintuitive, but psychological studies and wise human being across centuries have shared this with us. 

This way you can start regenerating today at your mind level and reach some quietness in your mind for even 5-10 min, and not have to postpone your renewal for later. 

And in doing so, even discover how to lean into the healing intelligence in the mind, which if you ask me, is God. 


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