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A Deep Way of Knowing if We Are Renewing or Not

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Am I Renewing or Not? A Deep Way of Knowing

Interview with Dr. Ioana Popa, Co-founder Team For The Soul®

"There are so many self-care advices nowadays, how do I know what to choose? As I love giving to others, how do I know if I am renewing, so I don't burnout?" If you have questions like these, you are not alone.

In our Renewal Conversations, we invite and interview experts that can share from both their professional and personal lives - so that we can all be inspired in our journeys.

And today you will hear directly from the co-founders of Team For The Soul®, as Sebastien is interviewing Dr. Ioana on the topic.

She will share briefly about:

- Her journey of giving and regeneration

- The overarching Inner Conscious Psychological Map which inspired the choice of all the programmings at Team For The Soul®

- How she sees the process of Psychological and Spiritual inner transformation

- The questions she asked that brought her into a relationship with the Living God

- How to 'know' when we are on track in the regeneration

- Nuggets on regeneration and her strategic Renewal Blueprint


ABOUT Dr. Ioana Popa:
🍵 Dr. Ioana is a trained physician-psychiatrist, spiritual care provider, educator and life coach. She teaches courses online, present workshops, provide online individual and group life coaching & spiritual care as well as consultation to professionals and non-profit organizations
🍵 She completed her MTS degree at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, where she is providing psychological care through the Office of Spiritual Formation and Counseling for many years
🍵 She is the co-founder of Team For The Soul® Coaching, Consulting and Spiritual care
🍵 She was the co-founder of the Witness to Christ - A Spiritual Journey Program in the Antiochian Diocese of Worchester and New England
🍵 She is known for bringing a unique blend of science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian faith
🍵 She is a National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC), Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner (IFS), Certified Elite Coach, Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist, trained in Intimacy From Inside Out couples work and in Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units - Clinical Pastoral Care)


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Renewal Conversations are part of our Team For The Soul® - Renewal Nuggets, an Oasis in the Midst of Action, bridging science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian faith.


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