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What if God is Everywhere Filling All things?

Interview with Rev. Fr. Antony Hughes - Orthodox Christian Priest.

Is God truly everywhere? Is it possible for us to connect with God, no matter what our circumstances are (time, day, our feelings, place, etc.)? In this episode of Renewal Conversations, we are joined by Fr. Antony Hughes as he shares his life lessons from his pastoral vocation, volunteer chaplaincy in a prison, and his family life.

He shares nuggets of wisdom about cosmic ways in which God works in our lives and how it impacted his life.

Fr. Antony also shares his favorite practices throughout the day of staying grounded in the present moment - one of which even helped him to experience the most amazing liturgy despite initially encountering an internal struggle!

ABOUT Fr. Antony Hughes:
🍵 He is born and raised in East Tennessee
🍵 He converted to Orthodoxy in 1980
🍵 Graduated with MDiv from Oral Roberts University Seminary
🍵 Attended St. Vladimir's Seminary
🍵 Pastor of St. Mary Orthodox Church, Cambridge, MA for 29 years
🍵 Internal Family Systems (IFS) first level
🍵 Volunteer Chaplain at MCI Concord, MA for 12 years

If you want to learn more about Fr. Antony Hughes, you can check his website here:

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📖 How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist by Andrew Newberg M.D and Mark Robert Waldman -

📖 Maximus The Confessor: Selected Writings (edited by George C. Berthold) -

📖 St. Simeon Poem from the Book The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry by Stephen Mitchell -

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