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Finding Meaning Beyond Suffering

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Walking with Others in Pain

Interview with Sebastien Falardeau - Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Interfaith Chaplain.

"Can we find meaning beyond suffering?" In this Renewal Conversations, our episode’s special guest is Team For the Soul's Co-Founder - Sebastien Falardeau, MA

Sebastien will unpack, as he shares about dimensions of spirituality, finding meaning, hope and purpose while walking with others in their suffering.

He also shares about the possibility of regenerating and feeling grounded as we give and support others in their grief journey, suffering, or pain.

Having Professional GIVERS share from their expertise and life experience is paramount so that we can get the inspiration and extra support on our own renewal journey.

ABOUT Sebastien Falardeau, MA
🍵 Leading the Grief Recovery Method online program at Team For The Soul® -1:1 and Groups
🍵 Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach (Levels 1 & 2)
🍵 Interfaith Chaplain
🍵 Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist
🍵 Co-Founder of Team For The Soul®
🍵 Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 1

If you want to learn more about Sebastien, you can check more about him HERE.

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