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Avoid the Slippery Slope of Burnout: Address The #1 Core Belief, for Christian Women

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is self-care selfish?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Is self-care considered selfish? I often hear these phrases among Christian women: “ I am selfish if I take care of myself,” or “I know I need to do self-care but (deep down) I still feel selfish.”

As a Christian woman, you might be wondering, “aren’t we supposed to be like Christ and just give, give and give?”

There's some truth to that, however the more skilled we are, and the more we give and help others, more and more people are going to come to us for help.

And the more you have to give, the more you are going to feel like on a treadmill, and eventually feel like running on empty, and get into chronic stress (with a host of secondary physical and mental problems).

And, it is so easy for us to then get into self-critical mode, wonder why we are not joyfully giving, and then label ourselves as selfish or prideful.

And then feel even more unworthy, want to give even more, only to reach burnout.

Can you see the inner cycle that we are perpetuating?

In today's episode, I am going to go to the root of the issue and talk about this belief and how we can shift it - using Christ as our model and a few Bible verses.

Sending you many blessings and prayers!

Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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