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To Feel Or Not To Feel Part 1 - Is there a problem with Suppressing Emotions

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Is there a problem with Suppressing Emotions

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Experiencing pleasant emotions is lovely but what do we do with our uncomfortable "negative" emotions? Should we express them or suppress them? For ages, humans have asked these questions in some form or another, and it is even more relevant today, with so much advice online coming from psychology and spiritual traditions.


There are entire generations that grew up suppressing and repressing feelings, and statements like 'don't cry like a baby' are very common, sending the message that mature people should not express emotions.

This has been an experience for centuries and it makes sense, as emotional expressions, many times can be scary or unsafe and until about a century ago, there were healthy alternatives in handling them.


And nonetheless, suppressing emotions can lead to problems, in the same way expressing them freely can lead to difficulties.


Watch this video to start unpacking potential problems that could arise from suppression, along with the importance of bridging the language between how psychology, mental health, spiritual traditions and Christianity.


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