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Perfectionism in Self-care: Why It Matters And How To Befriend It

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Befriending Perfectionism In Self-Care

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Most of us have a side of us that is striving for perfection. This can be good at times as it helps us make sure everything gets done well, however, too much of it can also lead to more stress, and can block us in sustaining our self-care routines.

Like our Ego (which I shared in the previous video), perfectionism is a part in our inner subsystem with its own important functions and needs. In the same way it can be beneficial to befriend our ego, the invitation is to also befriend the perfectionistic side of us.

In this video, I bring alternatives on how we can ‘negotiate’ with and befriend our perfectionistic qualities so we can continue to regenerate without having to feel the need to do it flawlessly all the time!

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