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The Power of Beliefs and Faith in our lives

befriending thoughts

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Sometimes we think of beliefs just from a faith perspective. Yes, Christian faith is based on powerful and life-giving beliefs, but the power of beliefs can be seen in our day-to-day life. There is a reason why 'fulfilling our own prophecies' is actually a saying and the 'placebo effect' exists in science - they both have to do with the power of beliefs.

Our beliefs are very impactful, as they can dictate our emotions, thoughts, choices and actions.

At their best, beliefs can strengthen our sense of self, well-being and place in the world. This is where the kernels of the Christian faith really shine.

But some subconscious beliefs and stories we might say to ourselves, such as "I am not enough," or "I am no good" might be conditionings from the past, and can have a negative impact on our lives, sometimes without us even being aware.

But what if we could have more choices and harness the power of our beliefs? It all starts with understanding how beliefs are formed in the first place.

Drawing from psychology, in this video you will learn about 2 ways in which subconscious beliefs are formed and the way to go about having more internal freedom in choosing them.

May you be inspired to discover the power of YOUR choice in your beliefs so that you can live an intentional and meaningful life in serving and helping others.


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