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The Call to Self as a Giver & Preventing Burnout

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The Call to Self & Preventing Burnout

Interview with Jon Schottland - Senior Psychosynthesis Trainer

Welcome to our monthly Renewal Interview, as part of our Team For The Soul® - Renewal Nuggets, an Oasis in the Midst of Action.

Having Professional GIVERS share from their expertise and life experience is paramount so that we can get the inspiration and extra support on our own renewal journey.

In this episode, we are joined by Jon Schottland, Senior Psychosynthesis Trainer, Therapist, Counselor, Author and Director of Synthesis Northeast Training Life Coaching Program.

Jon dedicated his life and work to personal and group development to reach the highest human potential in order to experience healing, love, beauty, fulfillment, harmony and nurture a sense of belonging.

In our conversation, Jon shares many pearls of wisdom and tips from his expertise and life journey on how to listen to the call of Self, replenish by taking care of vital needs, avoid overwhelm, and manage commitments.

ABOUT Jon Schottland:
🍵 Jon served as a President and Senior Trainer at Synthesis Center
🍵 He serves as an Adjunct Faculty in the Master in Transpersonal Psychology program at Sofia University
🍵 Serves as Guest Lecturer at the American International College
🍵 He is currently the Director & Senior Trainer at Synthesis Northeast
🍵 He teaches Psychosynthesis and Leadership Development at Psychospiritual Institute in Florida

If you want to learn more about Jon, you can find him at

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