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Stress: Unmet Needs and the Inner Looping 'Dance'

emotional regulation renewal-on-the-go
stress and unment needs

by Dr. Ioana Popa

How many times as Christian Givers - we get overtly focused on serving others, and then ignore our needs? Although we might feel "fine," what happens is that our needs are 'moved' in the subconscious field, and sometimes the actual needs get "lost in translation".

We might drink extra coffee when in fact we need sleep, or eat snacks when in fact we have emotional needs to be seen or to connect, etc etc.

And although this is a common phenomenon, this can be counterproductive in the long run and can lead to
- Chronic stress
- Burnout
- Small or big addictions

This is what I call the "Inner Looping Dance."

In this mini-training video, I unpack this phenomenon from a psychological and spiritual perspective and provide CONCRETE STEPS you can take today to prevent this.


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