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The Benefits Of Staying In Flow And Being Present In The Now

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The Benefits Of Staying In Flow And Being Present In The Now

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Do you wish to be in a grounded presence, so no matter what happens around you, you can have a sense of peace, calm, focus and access internal and external resources? And is there a way to know that this is more than a wish but actually a NATURAL STATE of being to prevent accumulating stress, burnout and live a meaningful life?

Watch this short Youtube video, bridging various terms and perspectives: Psychological, Scientific, Spiritual care and Ancient Christian faith,
as they all point to the fact that staying grounded, in the Flow and living in the present moment, it is worth pursuing!

Knowing these various perspectives is important for us not just for pure curiosity but in order to ...

✅ Have clarity and make sense through all the online 'noise'.

✅ Access a deeper motivation in our efforts toward staying peaceful throughout the day.

✅ So that you can not only prevent burnout, but live a life of purpose and meaning.

Press PLAY now to understand the differences and similarities between these 'languages' and to stay motivated.

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