The Yo-Yo Self-care problem: the core dilemma leading to burnout

sustaining wholesome habits
Should Self-care be a Project or not? And does it matter?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

It is widespread in our culture to think of self-care as a 'one time reset', as a 'project' - "If I can only regenerate this time, then I can later maintain this new rhythm". This is a lovely idea, but can lead to problems. Even if we have a reset, we come back to our own routines and then back into the stress of daily living.

As an example from health, the Yo-yo DIET term exist because any time we think of our weight as a project, a one time deal, it works in the short run, but then we revert back to our habits. And unless we change them, nothing happens.

Applying this mindset to regeneration and self-care can lead to a similar problem - which is what I call the "Yo-yo self-care problem.

If you or the people you care about experience this, rest assured this is a common problem.

Inside this short video you can:

- ✅ find out why Self-care is NOT a project

- ✅ my condensed FRAMEWORK on what to do about it - so you can fix this problem now.

Many times we can make the biggest changes with very small finetuning in a day, and this is what I wish for you.

Here is to your daily regeneration, so that you can keep on giving for the betterment of humanity!

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