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One Morning Ritual to Strengthen Your Inner 'Navigation System'

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Tired of Waking Up Stressed

by Dr. Ioana Popa

I hope you are well! As I have been researching the particular ways women are built by God, I came across this particular psychological gift that we have: that of "Emotional Literacy," meaning the ability to read other people's emotions.

This is a wonderful gift and it helps us support others and come up with solutions. This is why you are so good at what you are doing!

But at times it can backfire, as it is easy for us to pick up other people's emotions and troubles, and internalize them.

And on top of that, as Christian women, driven by the desire to follow Christ and give selflessly - we tend to give and give (and give some more).

And then, we feel weighed down and stressed, sometimes depleted, before we even start the day!

So it’s important to 1) have our own ways to reconnect, recharge, and replenish before we hit the ground running AND 2) have our own support system and team in place!

Otherwise our emotional intelligence and ability to perceive our own and others' emotions may leave us feeling stuck and quickly absorbed into the realities around us.

So here are 2 resources for you:

1) In this episode I am going to unpack one Morning Ritual to help you feel regenerated and strengthen your inner 'Navigation System' so that you can 'come back' to yourself.

Ready to learn about it? Find a quiet space, or take a walk and let's get started! Click PLAY now.

2) Find your support team that is in YOUR CORNER to help you stay on course.

And if decide to join the Renewal Week OR work with me, I would be honored to be in your team. You can learn more and sign up BELOW... 

Sending you many blessings and prayers in this New Year and hope to see you inside the Renewal Week & Open House!

Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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