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Befriending Our 'Self-Sacrificing' Part

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Befriending Our Part: Self-Sacrificing

by Dr. Ioana Popa

If you feel guilty and undeserving of ‘self-care’ moments even though you know you feel at times running on empty, this video is for you!

As a giver, you might feel like taking care of yourself is selfish. And instead of self-care, you might be thinking it is better to use the time to help someone else.

You're not alone with this thought. Most people who are giving and want to make an impact into the world might have accumulated burdens, believing that there's something wrong with spending time for ourselves - that this mean we are self- indulgent.

Nonetheless, science, psychology, spiritual care and ancient Christian faith are in synchronicity that, we do need to regenerate, so that we can keep on giving.

Watch this video where I bring multiple perspectives to this idea that regeneration and renewal is crucial.

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