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Calm in the Midst of Emotions, the Third Way - 'To Feel or Not to Feel’ Part 6

emotional regulation
being the eye of the storm

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Most people make the common mistake of believing that we only have two choices in dealing with emotions: either through Catharsis - where we let ourselves feel our emotions at their fullest or by Suppression - where we prevent feeling emotions.


These 2 options can work in certain situations, but in the long run, they might backfire.


This is especially a big dilemma for Christian Givers, as they might want to give and be peaceful like Christ, only to notice that at times, emotions suddenly might show up when they least expect them. For example, feeling unmotivated in the morning, or experiencing unexpected frustration while stuck in traffic, or at home during dinner with the family.


Many times Christians might even feel at a loss for what else is possible in terms of regulating their emotions beyond catharsis and suppression.


So then what?


Are there any psychological models and spiritual models that can point to an alternative way of being with emotions?


Is there a third way?


And I am here to say that YES - there is a third way that is emerging from many perspectives and I will point them to you in this video.



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