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Internal Dialogue: Can it help in sustaining better habits? Part 4

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Internal Dialogue: Can It Help In Sustaining Better Habits?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

In sustaining long-term habits and rituals, there is one aspect that is often  OVERLOOKED! It is the nature of our inner conversations as we go about our day and hope to keep our habits.

What kind of internal dialogues do you have with yourself? Are they usually positive, negative, or neutral? Many times we don't even know, as they are happening under our radar, in our subconscious - and we might not notice them. 

Nonetheless, they are powerfully influencing us, and they can have more impact on our lives than we think.

In this Part 4 - Youtube Renewal Nugget, we tap into how inner conversations can affect us in sustaining habits and rituals. 

And as a bonus, you can learn about one surprise step you can take to infuse your habits with your soul, with the sacred!

Are you ready? Click on the video to begin. 

Dr. Ioana Popa



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