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Can Self-care be Godly? Essential Mindset Shift for Christian Women

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Can Self-Care be Godly?

by Dr. Ioana Popa

As passionate Christian women navigating the demands of the holiday season and upcoming Christmas, while juggling work, family, and/or communities, we often find ourselves torn between wanting to support others and the need to receive support.

And sometimes in the back of our minds, it can feel a bit weird, selfish or even indulgent to think of SELF-CARE. Isn't Christian faith all about putting others first?

And on top of that, in general, as women, we are wired to value relations and helping and serving others in our many capacities, so self-care falls at the bottom of our mile-long to-do list.

In this episode, I will flip on its head this psychological concept of Self-care and share how to think about it through the lens of your unique relationship with God, in a way that is life-giving and not selfish!

Let’s dive in and learn how Self-care can be essential and rooted in faith.

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