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Christian Healthy Boundaries & Locus of Control: ‘Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove’

grow with scriptures healthy boundaries in christ
discerning christian healthy boundaries

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Although we can be really good with boundaries in our professional lives, we wrestle often with maintaining them in our personal lives, in such a way to fully honor our own needs, emotions, and dreams!

I've been there too many times, but unfortunately, it led me to burn out when I kept on giving without discernment OR having a nagging guilty feeling when I set boundaries.

Type in the comment section if you resonate! This is more common than we think.

But then, as a Christian woman, you might have wondered "Aren't we supposed to surrender to God's will, and let go of ours?"

But if so, why did Christ tell us to 'ask and pray' for whatever we want, and God will answer us?

How can we have boundaries in Christ? And can we follow our dreams without feeling selfish? Is there a psychological maturation process around this dilemma?

Click on this video to get started to unpack all these questions, learn & grow.


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