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Connecting With God Today - Contemplative Practice for Christian Women

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Connecting With GOD TODAY

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Are you ready for a pause today in your busy flow, to connect with God in Contemplation?

One thing that is available to us is the ability to regenerate from inside-out and connect with God in silence and contemplate at the True Self - Soul level.

This can nourish our experiences and our self-care practices and can give us the motivation and desire to keep on giving to others in Christ.

In today’s resource, you get to spend some time with a Bible verse to reflect on, and see what God has in store for you today!

Ready to nurture and grow in your relationship with God?

Find a quiet space or simply sit down at your kitchen table with a journal, and let's get started! Click PLAY now.

Sending you many blessings and prayers!

Your sister in Christ,
Dr. Ioana

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