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Why Emotional 'Catharsis' Doesn't Work - To Feel or Not To Feel Part 2

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Why Emotional 'Catharsis' Doesn't Work

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Many times, people ask me and are wondering what to do with emotions - should we express them or suppress them? With the advent of psychological methodologies and multitude of advices online, it only seems that the full expression of our emotions (Catharsis) seems a better alternative than Suppressing feelings.


But is it? In this Part 2 of our series on emotions "To Feel or Not to Feel" I am going to discuss about potential problems that Catharsis can bring, drawing from psychological research, professional and personal experience.


This is to build the foundation toward a third way of being with Emotions, which is emerging through synchronicity between various psychological research, spiritual traditions and Christianity.


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