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Regretting Sending that Email? ‘To Feel or Not to Feel’ Part 3

emotional regulation renewal-on-the-go
The ‘High Road’ to Success

by Dr. Ioana Popa

Gone are the days when we communicated only through letters, waiting for weeks for a response. Nowadays, we connect instantaneously which can be wonderful, but since we are flooded with emails and messages and want to respond right away to stay in the flow, we might respond too fast and regret our response the next day. Do you resonate with this? If so, keep reading.


The grandma's advice was "Sleep on it."


Does that really work? Are there psychological concepts related to this? And is there a way to get better in our daily responses, without having regrets the next day (or hour)?


The answers are: Yes, Yes, Yes.


Click on this episode, Part 4 in the "To Feel or Not to Feel" going over key concepts in how our thoughts (Cognition) work with our Emotions, and what we can learn from the 'Low Road' and 'High Road' of our emotional responses. And learn about a clear step you can take today and start practicing daily.



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